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MovieStarPlanet Careers Explained

MovieStarPlanet combines the best bits of social media with online gaming, all in the wonderful world of the movies. As a movie star in the game, you can direct and act in your own movies, watch other people’s movies, design your own clothes and even look after pets, as well as a whole lot more. Throughout the game, you need to collect Fame and StarCoins, both of which will help you progress through the game. There are many different ways of getting StarCoins, but one of the best ways of getting both Fame and StarCoins is with a MovieStarPlanet job. 



MovieStarPlanet Jobs

There are three different career paths when it comes to MovieStarPlanet careers, with different jobs under each one. Each job will give you 100 StarCoins and 50 Fame. There are six different jobs under each career path, and on top of this, there are random daily careers you can choose to do if you want. These only give you 10 StarCoins and 10 Fame.


Career Path – Movie Star
Gift Seeker

This MovieStarPlanet job is really easy – simply find all the gifts on the site!


Look for the YouTube button on the top bar, and then hit any video you like, or look up any video you want to watch. If you want to ‘Love’ a video, move your cursor over the video, and you’ll see the ‘Love’ icon flash. 

Dress Up or Suit Up

The icons should be flashing, so this one will be pretty easy to work out. This is a game in itself, which you don’t have to play if you don’t want to – you can earn the StarCoins by just opening the game and closing it again.

The New You

Click on your avatar and then hit the notebook on the pop-up window that appears. A white bubble should pop up that says ‘write a status update’ – write whatever you like here, and hit enter.

YOUR YouTube

Move your cursor to make the pop-up show again – then hit the flashing plus sign.


Click the blue person icon above your avatar. Go through the animations, click the one you like, and save.


Career Path – Socialite
Pen Pal

Head over to a chat room and click on any other avatar you see in the room. If you want to send a friend request, click the blue person with the yellow plus sign.

Hanging Out

You’ll have to head to a real chat room, type out whatever you want, and hit enter. You should then be able to collect a bunch of StarCoins hidden round the room.


Click on another user’s avatar as you did earlier, but this time click on the piece of paper to write a message. You’ll need them to also be online, so they can send you a message back.

Game Time

This basically involves you opening a game (you can play it if you want to, but you don’t have to!) and then closing it again.

Movie Night

There’s two parts to this MovieStarPlanet job – first of all, you have to go to the Cinema chat room. Then you need to invite some friends to your own room – they don’t have to accept for you to get the job done though!

Game Master

Again, you don’t have to play the game at all if you don’t want to. Just make sure it loads up, and that’s it. If you’re lucky, you’ll pop in at the end of a game and get Fame points without even doing anything!


Career Path – Fashion Guru

Go to the shops and find a couple of pieces of clothing you like. The cheapest items are 50 StarCoins, so you will effectively get the items for free (spending 100 StarCoins and getting 100 StarCoins).

New Look

Basically, you create a look using the clothes you want and then name it. Hit save, and then hit ‘submit to rating’. Now you wait for five friends to vote on it!

Something for your Friend

Click on the ‘Friends’ tab and go to ‘My Friends’. Go to one of their profiles, and then click on ‘Create new Look’. Create a look for your friend and save it.

Try on something new

Hit your avatar and then the pink tee shirt in the pop-up window. Make yourself another look, and save it!


Buy whichever items you like the look of in the Top section. Another one of the easier MovieStarPlanet jobs!

Total Makeover

All you need to do is go out and buy a whole look that you like. Try a few different bits and pieces!


Daily Careers
Treasure Hunter

Gather all the blue presents you can find on the site!

The More the Merrier

Just invite a few people to the game – as simple as that.


Final thoughts

That should explain MovieStarPlanet jobs quite simply for you! They’re a great way of earning StarCoins and Fame, plus they act as a great introduction to the game. So there you have it – MovieStarPlanet careers explained in full.



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