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Roblox Egg Hunt Guide

Roblox is one of the most popular online games available at the moment. Although it has a simple premise, there’s a surprising amount of depth to the game. On the surface, it’s a building game that uses digital Lego-like blocks. However, the possibilities are nearly endless, and the game has a thriving and innovative community, as well as a complex in-game economy.


Roblox is as much a social platform as it is a game. Players can connect with their friends and other gamers to adventure, trade, build, listen to music, and more. That’s why the game’s creators run a variety of events to bring players from all over the world together. One such annual event is the Roblox Easter egg hunt.

The Roblox egg hunt (also known as the egg drop) has been running since 2008. We look at what they are and how they’ve worked over the last couple of years.


How Do the Roblox Easter Egg Hunts Work?

Over the last ten years, Roblox have been running these bonus events. In the first few, they were ‘egg drops’ where Easter eggs would fall from the sky and players could collect them. However, in order to get these bonus items, a set of pre-requisites would have to be met. For example, in 2008, here are some of the eggs and how to get them:

  • Golden Egg of Kings. To get this egg, players had to be wearing a golden crown when touching the egg.

  • Kind Egg of Sharing. For this egg, three players had to touch the egg at once in order to get it.

  • Invisible Egg of Shadow. The egg would turn visible and invisible at different times and players had to touch it in either state.

By 2010, there were two egg drops per year, with different eggs available each time, and in greater numbers than in 2008. In 2012, the format changed from a drop to a hunt. This was because the event took place on only one game, the main Roblox one, rather than across multiple games. This was also the first year that special hats and equipment were introduced to the game to allow players to find eggs easier. For example, the Egglords Rexus item would give players an increased chance of finding a rare egg, while the Egg Canon 9000 allowed players to spawn regular, and occasionally rare, eggs.

In 2017, the format of the Roblox egg hunt changed again. A group called Elite Builders of Robloxia made the egg hunt, and it had a story for the first time: The nefarious Dr Deville d'Egg had stolen the legendary Faberge Egg, and players had to collect the 42 special eggs on offer.

2018 saw another slightly different format. The egg hunt took place across five different games, and there were 52 eggs in total, with only 46 being obtainable. The story was created by a group known as Fifteam, and it was considered more of an egg quest than the egg hunts of previous years.

Roblox Egg Hunt 2017 Guide

The previous two hunts are worthy of greater exploration as they have taken the format to a new level. We’ll look at each in turn to see the mechanics of how they worked and what was on offer.

The 2017 Roblox egg hunt ran between April 4th, 2017 and April 24th, 2017. For this hunt, players had to try and find eggs across a variety of different in-game worlds. When finding an egg, players were rewarded with a badge in the game. These badges could then be used to gain special and unique hats for players to wear. It was the first Roblox egg hunt to have an official sponsor, which was McDonald’s Happy Meal.

For this egg hunt, players from a group known as Elite Builders of Robloxia made the game and the story. The premise saw the evil Dr Deville d’Egg taking over the Eggverse. Players assumed the role of Egg Protectors and had to defeat d’Egg and reclaim the legendary FaberEgg. There were over 40 unique eggs to collect across a variety of different worlds.

Roblox Egg Hunt 2017 Guide: The Worlds

Below, we’ve outlined the game worlds that the 2017 egg hunt was spread over:

  • Stratosphere Outpost. This was the starting location and took place in the layer of Earth’s atmosphere. It had a steampunk theme and contained 5 eggs.

  • World of Tomorrow. This future world included loads of interesting technology and locations. It was full of mushrooms and contained 7 eggs.

  • Northern Antarctica. Here, players encountered a frozen land containing lakes, ski lodges, and a teleporter. There were 6 eggs on offer.

  • Arctic Battlegrounds. This was the event’s only PvP map and saw two teams fighting with snowballs. Only 1 egg could be found here.

  • The Timeless Desert. In this world, the sandy desert had various temples and pyramids to explore. You could find 7 eggs.

  • Mount Ignis. This was a mighty volcanic world with lava that could instantly kill players. There was a town called Pompeii and 7 eggs.

  • Abyssal Plain. Players found themselves underwater here, with elements of Atlantis and Bermuda. The world had a limited oxygen supply, as well as 7 eggs.

  • Shrine of the Eggs. This was the hunt’s final location and could only be accessed after obtaining at least 40 eggs. 1 egg could be found.

  • Stratosphere Settlement. This was a bonus location and was an alternative version of the original Stratosphere game. Players could get 1 egg here.

Each of the Roblox Easter eggs had its own set of requirements that players had to meet in order to obtain the egg and associated prize. Although there were 52 eggs in the games, players could only collect 46.

Roblox Egg Hunt 2018 Guide

This egg hunt was known as Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales. It ran between March 28th, 2018 and April 20th, 2018. For this event, players had to find eggs across a broad variety of different worlds. The eggs themselves either appeared randomly or had to be gained by completing quests, a first for the event.

Players would find eggs as well as badges, which could then be exchanged for hats to be worn in the game. For this event, the game introduced a variety of whimsical fairytale worlds. From lush jungles to subterranean towns, players could explore many new environments.


Roblox Egg Hunt 2018 Guide: The Worlds

Below, we’ve listed out the various worlds that were introduced during the event. Players could teleport to the main worlds using the Eggcyclopedia provided as part of the event. However, some of these main worlds also had sub-worlds that could only be accessed by using specific teleporters in the main worlds:

  • The Ruined Library/The Grand Library. This was the main lobby/level and is restored to the Grand Library after Aymor is defeated. 2 eggs are available.

  • Wonderland Grove. An Alice in Wonderland-inspired stage with 5 eggs.

    • Merlin's Swamp

  • Easterbury Canals. This level is inspired by the streets of Venice and has 7 eggs.

    • Stein's Basement

  • Hardboiled City. A 1940s New York-inspired level with 7 eggs.

    • Festival of Eggs

    • Mega Corporation

      • Office of Creators

    • Fractured Space

  • Ruins of Wookong. An area themed around the rainforests of South America. 8 eggs are here.

    • Return of the Rabbit

  • The Undernest. This is an underworld-inspired level features the boss, Lord Aymor. 4 eggs can be found here.

    • Blizzard Valley

    • Aymor's Lai

Each of these worlds and sub-worlds features unique eggs, quests, and environments. There are also a selection of different beasts and enemies to encounter.

Roblox Egg Hunt 2019 Guide

No details have been released about the 2019 Egg Hunt yet, but there will most likely be one. The chances are that it will be bigger and better than previous years as the player base expands. Details will be released on the official Roblox blog, and we’re sure to have a Roblox egg hunt 2019 guide soon. Stay tuned to find out more!


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