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Travian – Hero’s Mansion

Travian: Legends is a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game that’s browser-based and features a persistent world. It was released in 2004 by German software company Travian Games. The game is hugely popular, having been translated into over 40 languages, and at its peak had over 5 million players. Fans of the popular board game The Settlers of Catan will find many similarities with Travian: Legends. One of the most important aspects of the game is the buildings, of which there are many. One particularly popular one is the Hero’s Mansion, which we take a look at in greater detail. 



Travian Buildings 


Buildings are central to increasing your power in Travian. In your village center, you will have 22 different building slots, and buildings can be built and upgraded in these. Each one costs resources as well as time to construct. However, the more you have, the more people you’ll attract to settle in your village. 

Construction of certain buildings depends on you meeting some prerequisites, such as having other buildings at certain levels. Additionally, each type of building has a different use in the game. For example, granaries and warehouses let you store more resources. Similarly, the barracks and stables train military units. 

Many buildings in Travian interact with other units in the game, meaning you’ll need to have a balance of buildings to maximise your potential. One of the key buildings in the game is the Main Building. This is where new villagers arrive. Your Main Building level determines how fast your builders will complete new construction projects. 


Travian – Hero’s Mansion - Basics


If you want to occupy one of Travian’s oases, you’ll need to build a Hero’s Mansion. There are several reasons why you may want to take an oasis, but the main one is the resources that they provide. There are oases in different regions and different levels for each region. For example: 

  • Type 1 forest oasis provides +25% lumber per hour. 
  • Type 2 clay oasis provides +25% clay per hour and +25% crop per hour. 
  • Type 3 mountain oasis provides +50% iron per hour. 

To occupy an oasis, you’ll need level up your Travian Hero’s Mansion to level 10. This will allow you to take on one oasis. At level 15, you can occupy two, and at the maximum level (level 20), you can occupy three. So, as you can see, it’s worth building and levelling up a Hero’s Mansion if you wish to expand your resources. 


Once you have a Hero’s Mansion, you can see details of: 

  • The conquered oases in the village you’ve selected. 
  • The oases in the area that you can conquer. 
  • The production bonus that each oasis provides. 
  • The current owner of conquerable oases. 

Travian - Hero’s Mansion - How to Get and Use One 


To get a Hero’s Mansion, there are a couple of prerequisites that you’ll have to meet. The first is that you’ll need to construct a Rally Point at level 1. This rally point is where your village’s troops will meet, and you can send them out to capture oases. The second prerequisite is that you have upgraded your Main Building to level 3. To reach level 3 from level 2, you’ll need 115 lumber, 65 clay, 100 iron, and 35 crop. It requires 1 upkeep and takes 55 minutes and 40 seconds.  

To use your Hero’s Mansion and capture an oasis, you’ll need an army that’s strong enough to defeat all of the animals that live there. You’ll also need a hero, and that hero must survive the attack. Of course, you’ll also need your Hero’s Mansion to be at least level 10. 

Ultimately, this building is a fairly essential one for the game. When you need to increase your resource output, there are few ways that are as effective as capturing an oasis. The 25% to 50% bump in production can mean the difference between levelling up quickly and not. It’s highly recommended that you have one of these in each of your villages.  



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