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Vikings: War of Clans Equipment Guide

Massively multiplayer online games such as Vikings: War of Clans have been popular for the last decade or so. Although games such as World of Warcraft popularised the genre, the rise of smartphones brought it to a whole new audience. Now, you can find free to play MMOs across just about every platform. As with any new adventure, it can sometimes take a while to get up to speed with all the finer details of a game. We’ve created this Vikings: War of Clans equipment guide to introduce you to the basics of this particular mechanic of the game. 



Vikings: War of Clans Equipment Guide – The Basics 

Equipment plays a central role in Vikings: War of Clans. As you level up, your hero will become more powerful. You’ll learn new knowledge from the oracle, unlock new skills, and understand the game more. However, without the right equipment, your efforts will be in vain. Equipment gives you a boost in stats and can be used for all kinds of different purposes. 


As you progress through the game, you’ll notice that different pieces of equipment boast different stats. You may be tempted to select gear that balances all of the stats, which can be effective in early game. However, as we explored in our post on Vikings: War of Clans Hero Sets, you’re actually better building configurations of equipment for specific circumstances. 


The game has a variety of pieces of equipment you can use, including: weapons, armour, helmets, boots, and amulets.


Vikings: War of Clans Equipment Guide – Materials

As you play though the game, you’ll complete tasks, construct buildings, and win battles. As you do so, you’ll earn a variety of materials. These materials have different levels of quality and rarity: 

  • Grey – simple materials. 
  • White – usual materials.
  • Green – unusual materials. 
  • Blue – rare materials. 
  • Purple – epic materials. 
  • Yellow/gold – legendary materials. 

Fans of MMOs will be familiar with this system. However, by combining four of one tier of item, you can earn one item of the tier above. So for example, four grey tier materials equal one white tier. 

These materials are essential for forging equipment for your hero. You’ll have to combine materials for specific gear, and depending on the materials used, you’ll get bonuses to various stats. If you create a piece of equipment using two materials, you’ll get two bonuses. If you create one using four materials, you’ll get four bonuses. 


As well as using materials to craft your equipment, you’ll also have to spend resources, usually silver. The cost for creating a standard item is 10K silver, and you’ll have to pay another 10K to increase its level. So, to get a piece of standard armour to level 50 will cost 500K silver. However, rarer items such as invaders gear costs far more. 


Vikings: War of Clans Equipment Guide – Crafting

Now it’s time to outline how exactly you go about crafting equipment in Vikings: War of Clans. The process is reasonably straightforward, but there are a few details that are worth knowing:

  • Start by clicking on the Equipment tab and selecting a type. Here, you’ll see a list of everything that you can currently create using your Forge. Under each item, you’ll see the details of what you’ll need to craft that specific piece. This includes your level, the amount of silver, and materials needed. 
  • As well as this core information, you’ll also see a table showing the type of stat boosts you can potentially get and how likely it is you’ll get it. The better quality materials you use, the more likely you are to get a bigger boost. 
  • By selecting an item and clicking on the ‘craft’ button, you’ll see the materials that the process will use, as well as how likely you are to get a specific quality of item. You can alter the type and amount of materials you’re going to use here, and that will adjust your chances of getting a certain quality. 
  • By default, the game selects the best items in your inventory. However, if you want save your materials for better equipment, you can adjust these down. 
  • If you destroy an item, you will get back one randomly selected material used in the crafting process. 

Vikings: War of Clans Equipment Guide – Set Examples 

Equipment is particularly useful in Vikings: War of Clans, as it gives a variety of bonuses, particularly when you have a complete set. However, as a beginner, you’ll find that many of the more advanced sets are far out of your reach.


Below, we’ve outlined the three levels of sets you can find: 

  • Standard equipment. This is the weakest equipment in the game, but it requires the least effort and resources to craft. You can use a variety of materials to craft this tier, ranging from common to rare. You’ll be able to use mostly readily available resources. 
  • Invader equipment. Although the crafting process for this equipment is the same as for standard, you’ll need a broader selection of materials. As well as the items you can find from exploring the map, you’ll also need materials dropped by defeating invaders. 
  • Special equipment. The rarest and most effective equipment is found by the highest level players. It can take a long time to gather all of the rare and legendary items needed to craft each of these pieces, but it yields the best results. 

If you’re just starting out with the game, there are a few sets that you can obtain relatively easily. Each brings with it a variety of boons to help you through the game. For example: 

  • Standard Knowledge Set. Comprised of Daredevil’s Armor, Falcon Figurine, Bewitched Sword, Gilded Helmet, and Leather Boots, this set doubles your research speed. This is essential for improving your base. 
  • Standard Building Set. Equipping the Vanquisher’s Blade, Victor’s Bracelet, Odin’s Armor, and Wolf Boots gives you a 125% speed boost when constructing and upgrading buildings. 
  • Standard Capacity Set. If you want to be able to carry 250% more resources, equip the Killer’s War Hammer, Killer’s Chainmail, Flaming Helmet, Ice Boots, and Heimdallr’s Horn.


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