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What are Artifacts in Travian?

Travian is a huge, multi-player, browser-based online strategy game set in Roman times. First released way back in 2004, Travian is hugely popular even to this day, boasting a whopping 5 million registered users. Once signed in, you are in charge of your own village in a set server, and you progress through the game by upgrading and building buildings, farming for resources, creating troops to conquer other villages and trading using merchants and marketplaces. It’s pretty involved and detailed, especially due to the fact that you play in real time too! As you progress through the ages and continue to upgrade and develop your settlement (perhaps even branching out and founding new villages too), special items are slowly released into the gameplay. At around the mid-game point, Artifacts are introduced. But what are Artifacts in Travian? Read on to find out all about Travian Artifacts.



Travian Artifacts

Artifacts are special items released into the world of Travian, and they give a significant bonus to their owners, lasting through until the end of the game. They are categorized into 8 different types, and each type gives a different bonus to the owner. These 8 types are then divided into three different levels of Travian Artifact – Small, Large and Unique. Small Artifacts only help the village that owns the Artifact, Large Artifacts affect all the villages that the owner of the Travian Artifact have and Unique Artifacts also affect all the villages the owner has, but with a much greater gain. All Travian Artifacts are stored in the Treasury, with Small Artifacts being stored once the Treasury is at Level 10, and Large or Unique Artifacts needing a Level 20 Treasury. At any one time, a player can only have one Large or Unique Artifact active, and can only own three Travian Artifacts at any one time.


When and where you can find Travian Artifacts

Usually the Artifacts appear around halfway through the server duration, with the exact time revealed to you beforehand so you can prepare. The Artifacts are kept in Natarian villages, which usually have their village name describing the Artifact. Once the Artifact is captured, the village is deleted. Unique Travian Artifacts are located quite densely around the center of the map, with Large Artifacts found a bit further from the center, and Small Artifacts dotted about all over the map. There are a couple of different ways of getting hold of Travian Artifacts. First of all, you could steal it. This requires you destroying the Treasury and sending a successful attack with a hero. The other method of getting hold of Travian Artifacts is by chiefing it. This means you have to chief the Natarian village, meaning you gain both the village and the Artifact.


Types of Artifact

Here we present the names of the Travian Artifacts, along with the bonus that they offer. Some servers may have different names for the Artifacts, but the ones we list here are for the international server. 


Stronger Buildings

Buildings become more durable against attacks by catapults and rams. 

  • Small – 4 times as durable
  • Large – 3 times as durable
  • Unique – 5 times as durable


Faster troops

Having this Travian Artifact does what it says on the tin – you travel faster!

  • Small – 2 times faster
  • Large – 1.5 times faster
  • Unique – 2 times faster


Better spies

Scouts, Pathfinders and Equites Legati all become better at spying, as well as defending against spy attacks. 

  • Small – 5 times better
  • Large – 3 times better
  • Unique – 10 times better

Less hungry troops

A really useful one if you’ve got a big army! Your troops basically consume less crops.

  • Small – 50% less crops consumed
  • Large – 25% less crops consumed
  • Unique – 50% less crops consumed


Faster training

Your troops are trained faster – again useful if you are more battle focused!

  • Small – 50% reduction in training time
  • Large – 25% reduction in training time
  • Unique – 50% reduction in training time


Cranny capacity

A Travian Artifact that increases cranny capacity and causes enemy catapults to fire randomly

  • Small – cranny capacity increased by 200x
  • Large – cranny capacity increased by 100x
  • Unique – cranny capacity increased by 500x


Great Warehouse/Granary 

This Travian Artifact means you get the ability to build a great warehouse or granary.


Travian Artifacts – final thoughts

As you can see, having a Travian Artifact in your treasury can give you some really useful bonuses. You can change which Artifact is in use as well, depending on which bonus you want to activate. There is also the Artefact of the Fool, which is a bit of a bogey Artifact and often has negative effects, or random increase factors. The effects change every 24 hours as well, so it is a tricky beast to sort! At the end of the day, it’s best to stick to the other Travian Artifacts.



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