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What’s the deal with Cuisine Royale hacks?

Cuisine Royale is a multiplayer battle royale-style game that features realistic weaponry, mystic traps and demonic rituals. Featuring a wide variety of WW2 weapons, random spawning on the map and a whopping 50 other players on each server, Cuisine Royale is a bit different from other ‘last man standing’ shooters. Like most games around at the moment, there are all sorts of hacks available in Cuisine Royale. Some of these are hidden in the game by the developers, but other ones are actual hacks that players have figured out and use for their own devices. Often the more technologically minded player will figure out ways to ‘inject’ certain elements of code that result in a hack, making the game easier. We have a look at some Cuisine Royale hacks, and figure out what the deal is with them.



Cuisine Royale Hacks

Now, if you play any sort of online multiplayer game, you’re undoubtedly going to have a moment where suddenly, out of nowhere, another player will find you and kill you instantly. How does that happen, you might ask? Well, it just happens to be one of the Cuisine Royale hacks that they’ve loaded up. This basically means that you are able to see a player even when they’re behind solid objects. This is one of many Cuisine Royale hacks. Some Cuisine Royale hacks are undetected and that can cause some grumbling amongst fans though, so it can be a sore point for some players. We’ll go through some of the more popular and frequently used Cuisine Royale hacks.


Cuisine Royale Aimbot

This Cuisine Royale hack allows you to set up any key on the keyboard or the mouse to act as an auto-aiming bot. When you hit the key or the mouse, the crosshair will go directly over the enemy and will stay on him until you fire and kill them. This Cuisine Royale hack adds quite a fun element to the game, as it means you can go about and rage kill everyone. There are some other types of aimbot. These include 360 Degree Bot that means you can see the enemy and take them out anywhere, Auto Switch that changes to the next enemy after the first one is killed, Boneaim which locks onto a bone for faster killing and Visibility Check that means it won’t fire until the bullet is guaranteed to hit an enemy.


Cuisine Royale ESP

ESP, standing for Extra-sensory Perception, is another of the more common Cuisine Royale hacks. ESP is a Cuisine Royale hack that we mentioned earlier, where you are able to see a player even when they’re behind a solid object. As with the Cuisine Royale Aimbot hacks, there are several different types of ESP you can use in Cuisine Royale. The Name ESP means that no matter where the player is, you can always see their name, even through solid objects. The Distance ESP is a hack where you’re able to see how far away the enemy is located at any time, and the final ESP hack in the Cuisine Royale hacks is the Box ESP. The Box ESP basically draws a box around each enemy which shows you their exact location. 


Cuisine Royale Wallhack

Another of the more popular Cuisine Royale hacks is called the Wallhack. This is a Cuisine Royale hack that basically means you can see exactly where enemies are hiding. They are usually colored green when shown behind the solid structure they are hidden behind, which makes it incredibly easy for you to sneak up on the unsuspecting player and take him out using any weapon that takes your fancy! There’s another variation to this Cuisine Royale Wallhack that basically means you’re able to shoot your enemy through walls and whatever object they might be hiding behind too.


Cuisine Royale Invincibility

This one is one of the Cuisine Royale hacks that causes the most amount of ruffled feathers. Using this hack effectively renders you indestructible, meaning that you can be shot with all the weapons in the game and not lose any health. Some players have reported players using this hack and they end up sustaining a lot of damage but still not dying. Sometimes called the Damage Reduction Hack, it’s one of the Cuisine Royale hacks that causes the most amount of discussion in the Steam Community forum. 


Hacks or Cheats?    

Cuisine Royale hacks or Cuisine Royale cheats? It’s hard to know which to describe these ‘additions’ to the game. It goes without saying that some of these Cuisine Royale hacks don’t have the biggest fanbase, as it doesn’t require much skill to run around the map being indestructible or being able to shoot through walls. But it can be quite fun to give them a try-out, so it’s up to you to work out what the deal with Cuisine Royale hacks is really!



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