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Fortnite! The King Of Battle Royal! Should You Play It?

Fortnite you have all seen the memes or not, but you have heard of this free to play battle royal or pay to play co-op game. You have probably heard about this game through the form of memes or Ali-A. This insanely successful free to play battle royal or co-op game but everyone knows it by Fortnite battle royal. It has gathered a lot of money for its developer Epic Games. It is available on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, iOS and Android.It was first released in 2017 by the game studio Epic Games containing only Save The World mode which is a co-op mode where you fight zombies while you complete an objective, you also had to pay to play this game mode. Later they developed a battle royal mode that would be free to play and would make Fortnite the king of all battle royal games for now.
You might be asking yourself why is Fortnite the king of battle royal games and not PUBG? Well it’s probably because Fortnite is free and has a unique feature called building. It is what makes Fortnite stand out aside from its cartoony graphics. You can build cover in the heat of battle adding a whole other tactical aspect to the game.. The graphics as said before are made purposefully in a cartoony way which I personally like, it makes it stand out from the rest of the battle royal games which went for more of an realistic approach to graphics.But the graphics aren’t important as much as the gameplay and gunplay, so how are they? I am pleased to say that they are fantastic and they have outdone themselves. The gunplay is just right and is satisfying when you shoot. The time to kill is also just right it isn’t too fast and it isn’t too slow.
The sound effects are also pretty great and they match the weapon that you are firing and or action you are doing. They also regularly update and add new things to the game so that you never get bored of the game! This game goes on seasons ( The game is currently in season 7 ) each season brings a new story bit and new content which is awesome and gives you something to be excited about! In my opinion this game is best played in a squad preferably with friends, but you can also manage with some random people. In my time on the game I haven’t meet a lot of toxic players which is good but your experience may differ from my own. There is a wide variety of guns, guns and guns! Now to tell you about what you will experience on your first game if you haven’t already watched the youtube videos or twitch streams. I will be talking about battle royal because most of you are here for that anyway. You spawn in the Battle Bus with 100 other players you will need to decide where you want to land and when you are near it press space to jump out land, after that you will gather up weapons, supplies and etc.. You get a few kills but you probably won’t get a victory royal straight away, don’t worry almost no one does. After that I recommend you play a couple of more games preferably with some friends because it will make your experience a lot better.
I recommend you play Fortnite or at least try it for more than one game.
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