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My reveiw of Fortnite!

Hello! My name is Tali and I will be telling you all about this game named "Fortnite".

What is Fortnite? Fortnite is a PvP game. In this game you can go into houses and loot guns, sheild potions, meds, and other items.

How do you win? Well, there are different game modes. So therefore there are different rules for each. Lets talk about the first ever game mode to be put in Fortnite. What is solo? This is a gamemode in which every man is to themself. The last one standing wins! Its a very fun gamemode. It helps you to be able to train yourself. You can also join certain tournaments, to get certain skins. Some skins can be related to the season or not related to the season. Some of these skins can be reactive and some might not. There are also items that you can put on your character or avatar. They are called "bag blings". These bag blings are very good items to have because they make you avatar look cool. They are just like skins they can either be reactive or not reactive. (Reactive items can react by changing color, pattern or movement. Reactive items are items that react to shooting or when you emote.)

What are the devices this game is available on? You can play this game on mobile, PS4, PS5, and Xbox. On some devices the quality is good but on others the quality is bad. The only devices I have played on are PS4, and on my laptop. The quality on my laptop was pretty bad because I was not able to see anything clearly, or pick up any weapons. I do not recommend playing on laptop because it depends on the type of device you are playing on. For example I was playing on My Surface. It was very bad quality and my brother had to be picking up weapons and carrying them to me and that is a bit distracting in terms of having to ight other people especially if you drop in the "hot drop" areas. (Hotdrop: A place that is or will be full of other players and may be hard to survive in.) Some of these "hotdrop" Mandalorian's base and Colossal Colleseum.

In these places you can find: Mandalorian and Menis. These people can give you exotic weapons such as: Mandalorian's Sniper, Mandalorian's jetpack, and a heavy assault rifle (From Menis).

There is just one thing that is a bit bad. Some people with anger issuses may be raging (getting angry) alot because in this game there are people called sweats. Who are sweats? These people are the pros or peop,e who are good at the game. There is also another type of Fortnite player which is

a bot. What or who is a bot? A bot is a person who has no clue what they are doing on this game and a person who is "bad" or "trash" at the game. Many Fortnite players are good at this game and have many skins, weapon wraps, pickaxes, and bag blings but don't get jealous or upset about not haveing all of these things youll get there soon just keep training and keep on waiting for new seasons. Even I have 0 skins and only a few back blings but that's ok. You guys don't feel discouraged we will all make it there and be able to build like a pro and become a sweat. Keep on pushing on my people! I Hope you all liked my reveiw on this game called Fortnite! Don't forget that we will make it!

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