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Offense and Defense in ARK PvP

Ark is a very tough game. If you don't understand the basics of the game you are likely going to get bullied for it. Today, I will list out some of the things you need to know before playing ARK. ARK PvP is ruthless. Most players in PvP servers often make a mistake of making their base in the beach. Without a doubt, you should always build your base near a water source but the problem with building in the beach is that your base will be very easy to spot. Most players travel along the shoreline because it is less dangerous, when they see a base in the beach, they are most likely to attack it. If you are going to build your base near the water, then build it behind the trees and not literally in the beach. Also, most PvP players play the game on lowest settings. This makes it easier for them to see hidden bases due to the reduced foilage. After bulding your base lower your grqphical settings and see if your base is visible. Talking about visibility, you should never build your base with thatch. Thatch is easy to see and it is the easiest structure to destroy.

Wood is less visible and it is also stronger but stone is the best option. Metal structures are better in every aspect but they are expensive during early game. Another tip is to build your base farther from resource hotspots. Many people build close to resource hotspots for quick access to resources but they often forget that other players go back and forth to these areas. When you're close to resource hotspots your base will be visible to anyone searching for resources. If you had built in any other area, then they might not attack you thining that you don't have many resources. However, ifyou build near resource hotspots everyone will think that you have some loot and most likely raid you. Till now we have only talked about base building so now let's change the topic. Most beginners have no idea how to raid. Before raiding a base make sure to scout it. Scouting is done using a small but swift dino. Wyverns are fast but they are too big. Managarmrs attract too much attention and can't stay in the air for a long time. Griffins are a good option as they are not too big and are quick.

Pteranodons are small and also really fast. Rock drakes ight not last long in the air but they can glide and climb walls. They can also turn invisible which is the best part about it. Land crearures can also be used for scouting but it is not worth the risk. if you are going with a land dino then use Dinopithecus as your mount. Once you scout, it's time to raid. Unless you are raiding a single player, you should alway raid with your tribe. Raiding alone is almost impossible. When it comes to raiding, either you can go in using high hp dinos, slowly soak the turrets and breach inside or you can do sucide bombing. Get a high hp Pteranodon with a good saddle. Prepare a good flak armour and get some C4. Get on your Pteranodon and consume a beer for damage resistance. Charge into the base and drop C4 everywhere. Detonate all C4's before dying. Sometimes you and your dino might even come out alive. You can also take a stealth approach but it is extremely hard and I have no experience on going stealthy.

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