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My first roblox experience

I saw this game called Roblox on a livestream on a youtuber called TREX he was playing on a tycoon server when i saw the game i wanted to play it but i didn't know if it was free or with money (i was a noob) so i created a account and i joined for my first time on Survive the Natural Disasters i saw surprised for how cool the game was for me with blocky character and cartoony graphics it was my kind of game and i started to love it..
So i started playing it and i almost tried all of the recomanded games and i saw the catalog for my first time.....i wanted so bad to get some robux and i tried almost everything..i was just a random bacon guy and i was called from everyone a noob just because i didn't have any items and no robux but after some time i conviced my parents to buy me 400 robux i was so happy i was loking on all items and i wanted to get the best items for the robux i had so i spent all day loking in the catalog than i discovered this game called Design It and that was a game where i could try catalog items for free on a server so i started doing outfits and i bought them in the game.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
I was so happy that i finally wasn't a noob anymore and i had robux so i started loving that game so much that i literally playied it day and night..i couldn't stop from playing it i was addicted to roblox (lol :)))) )
So i said to myself that i need to stop and play it for 2-3 hours not all day long and i was searching for the perfect game the game that fits me perfectlly and i found Pokemon Brick Bronze it was a pokemon game but on roblox it was so cool the story was perfect with the graphics and i started to love pokemon games but this is not about pokemon games its about i got into that game and i started making real good friends and i got very good on that game...also the game wasn't finished

After a year of playing that game it got finished with the final story and all of the maps and i started exploring it it was the biggest update ever in that game but after 1 month or 2 the game got deleted because nintendo copyrighted it i was so mad and so sad that i lost all..all of my work...all of my time...
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
But that didn't stoped my playing roblox so i searched for another games that will fit me and i found Murder Mystery 2 i still play it this day and its pretty darn cool its a game with 16 players 1 is the murderer and 1 si the sheriff...the game even got skins and events and i was very happy and i played it a lot even today i play that game at 3-5 am and my friends from another countys wold tell me that im crazy but i still play it..
When i get bored i just go and play CS:GO or Paladins..right now they're both free and you can all play it but Roblox still remains in my memory and i have a nostalgia sentiment when i am thinking about the first moments i got in the game..the moments i had the people i got to know i can't forget that easy..maybe with time but i still play it today so i don't think i will forget them anyway go an play Roblox if you like online games its a game good for kids i even saw some adults playing it so yea its a good game and it Powering Imagination (you can even create your own servers and games and i think that is very cool) i even got to build a game it wasn't pretty good but i liked it and i playid it with a lot of my friends so go play it you can even collect bananas by playing it so its pretty darn good :)
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