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Affected Zone Tactics
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A normal strategical game

Accomplice the recent release of quality triple A titles (read XCOM) that have brought the genre to the attention of the general public, the strategic turn-based games are slowly setting their space within the mainstream videogame panorama, also winning slices of public initially not interesting to try such experiences.

Since the world of free to play is often (but not only) an extension of the traditional market, some exponents of this kind are beginning to appear on the internet through the model of free use.
Affected Zone Tactics is exactly one of these games that, to a classic free to play model, combines the mechanics and the planning of a strategic turn-based title.
On the other hand, just take a look at the script set up by the developers to realize how this is original, not to say bizarre or even grotesque.
In short, around 1940, that little genius of Nikola Tesla developed a kind of portal able to lead anyone who went through it in an unknown place (it is not known if this is on the earth, on another world or in a parallel dimension) rich in a new mysterious energy source known as the Telarium.

The rush to the Telarium attracted waves of wealth seekers in this new world and, as the most traditional human tradition wants, the spasmodic research of this blue crystal led to the birth of several bloody wars, which reaped numerous victims.
Rightly, we will be one of the mercenaries who set out to take possession of the riches of the new world and, to achieve our goal, we will not hesitate to use force. 
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Once taken command of what happens on the screen, Affected Zone Tactics proves to be a solid game of strategy, perhaps not particularly innovative or original in the mechanics proposed, but still complete and dignified in what it offers.
Initially, we can choose which base class to belong to, a choice that will be subsequently extended through the choice of one of the various specializations present.

Each character will have unique characteristics and skills, more suited to specific situations and that, in any case, require the player to know its strengths and weaknesses, recommending them to know where and when to dare and when to take a more cautious approach.

Affected Zone Tactics is a game mainly PvP, where the games against other players are the main part, as well as the funniest of the entire title.

In most cases, the matches will take place as a sort of conquest of the flag, where the aim of both teams in the game (alpha and bravo) will be to conquer the opponent.
The grenades will be a great way to flush out the opponents behind the cover

All the actions we will be able to undertake are based on action points (from here on PA).

Some actions will require a PA, others more than one, while others, usually the most basic ones, can be performed without using any of them, with the only limit of not being able to repeat the same action more than once during the same shift.
When the PAs are exhausted, our turn will end automatically, starting the opponent's turn.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
A fundamental part of the whole experience, which will often make the difference between a victory and a scorching defeat, will be knowing how to exploit the game environment to our advantage, using it as a shelter from enemy lead or simply as a hiding place to go unnoticed and take shoulders our opponents.

In fact, the stealth component will play a major role during the games, since the enemies will become visible on the map only if our field of vision or that of one of our allies will be directly in contact with them.
To win we will have to win the opposing flag

It will be at these junctures that the strategic component of Affected Zone Tactics will forcefully enter the scene, generating very stringent games where every ill-timed or calculated step can mean falling into an enemy ambush.
 The stealth component will play a major role during the games
Affected Zone Tactics is a strategic shift-based good, which pays its free-play nature, which prevents it from competing with members of a similar caliber.
5.0 (1)
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