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League of Legends
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League of Legends || How to climb from iron to gold!

Greetings everyone, I'd like to show you today a guide how to climb elos and become one of the best players in ranked games. First of all, you have to make sure that you're up to a game, if you feel tired, bored or not upset for a ranked game then just go for a normal one, you must be more than ready before starting a ranked game. Here is some tips that you must follow in the champion select. If you're the first pick then it's fine, just try to play with the best champ that you can play with and do not play for fun, just keep in your mind that this game is very important and you must win it and will never give up, otherwise, if you're not the first pick, try to figure what champ that you can easily play with against the enemy champions, for example, if they picked some tanky champs, pick a tank champ that will be very strong in the teamfight such as Volibear, Cho' Gath, malphit etectera, the choise is completely up to you and none will judge you about that, so try to play with that type of champs.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

If they picked an AP champions, just try to play with champions that can easily fuck the AP mostly the champ who got a far attack renge such as Elise, Yassuo, Lee Sin, Diana, syndra, maokai, zed or even Lux etcetera and if AD, it's preferally to pick a champ that deal a lot of damage and tanky at the same time like Darius, Renekton etcetera. Make sure to handle to stress and pressure and keep in mind that it's not the end of the world if you loose a fight or something. The most important advice that I can provide is that you must NEVER flam, if your team started flaming there is a command for that called "/muteall", you can communicate with team using pings, also make sure to check the minimap from time to time as it's 30% the reason of win. I'd also recommend you to play with easy champions, it's not a one trick and tactics game, it's just a push, destroy turrets and win that's it, so the kills and score isn't the thing that will show if you'll win or loose as it's just numbers.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

It's true that the score is important but not that much because a lot of people with 10 x 40 win the game easily as the oposit team did not get the oportunity and won the game and they were just trolling and trying to get the maximum kills as possible and did not focus on the object, I'm more that sure that if you try hard to win, you'll do it as nothing is impossible and the patience is the key to succes in my opinion. And lastly, I'd like to advice you to keep the sounds open as it's really important especially the ping and announce sounds, they make you aware of what's happening in game, lemme give you an example, if you got a ping sound, you'll automatically check the minimap and if you got an announcement that an ally or enemy got killed you'll check it as well to check what's happening in the lane and if you have to go there. Map are really importants and I hope this guide helped you to leave the hell elo as known as Iron or even bronze and get your golden path to the Gold
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