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ARK: Survival Evolved (B2P)
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The Best Game And Time Killer On Steam!!!

Hey, guys!I am once again writing another Bananapedia but this time it's a review about ARK: Survival Evolved.This Game is the best game on steam available and I will be explaining key points of why. Let's Begin.

First of all, just look at the sheer amount of downloaders. Almost over 50 million! That's absolutely insane!It has generated over 10 million dollars for Steam and many customers are satisfied and happy.Second, of all, there are so many things to find and do in ARK.You can customize your skills, your appearance and explore the Prehistoric Land.Fight a raptor or a giant turtle and tame a Spinosaurus.Tame a Pteranodon and fly through the sky!Make your own shelter how you like it.There are over 30,000 things to find which is amazing! ARK is also the best time-killer around. Even when you have loads of things, you can travel to different places and discover even more. Play with your friends or just online!
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
You can also discover monuments and different animals.Tame the mighty T-Rex or a common horse.You can build an entire city with your friends and people online.Who says you have to team with everyone?You can instead fight and attack people and animals for meat and their supplies.Don't forget about the necessities!Keeping yourself hydrated and saturated is crucial to your life. Even if you die, you can respawn. You can even find underground things like caves.It's really all-in-the-name of the game itself. "ARK: Survival Of The Fittest."When it says Survival Of The Fittest that's the point.Basically, Explore, Discover, Think, Create.You can even build armies and defend yourself against hordes of Triceratops or go against other people!Build a city in the sky.Keep this also in mind that you must feed your animals as well because they are not invincible!
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
I'm just going to go over some computer basics.This game does require Wifi and it needs a PC with at least 40GB to operate smoothly.It's a great time-killer.If you want to get rid of time fast for about 2-3 hours then play this!It's the best option ever.It does cost quite a bit of cash but it is indeed worth your money at all costs.I personally sucked when I played this game for the first time.I kept on getting killed by dinosaurs because I wanted to tame them but then I realized I was fighting them with a stone club and not Fully-Armed War Sniper so it would take me like 10 hours to kill one dinosaur.Eventually, I got a pistol and took down a raptor.Just when I thought it was tamed, I put the last Narco Berry to make sure and it well killed me.I re-spawned in a totally different area where then I finally made a rifle, took down a raptor and tamed it.I started building my house and my friends asked if they could join in.We built a whole town together and it was a lot of fun!I had the game for over 2 years and I still wasn't bored of it.Everyone should consider getting this game because it is awesome and you will never get bored of it. Just remember, only the fittest survive.
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