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Booty Farm: A Game About A Bunch Of Chicks Who Dig Produce.

Do you like farming simulators? Do you like dating simulators? Do you like to watch porn... Errhm... For the story? If you answered yes to all three of these questions, you're likely to get a kick out of Booty Farm. If you think that the combination of farming and dating simulators sounds like a dumb idea, give it a try anyhow. It might surprise you how well they work together. Granted, you'll need to not be easily offended by raunchy adult content.

You begin your adventure having inherited your deceased Uncle's farm. You are at first apprehensive about the prospect of leaving the city to live the simple life. All of that apprehensiveness falls by the wayside once you discover that this one horse town is filled to the brim with beautiful women. You're that one horse, and these ladies need to ride.

The game mechanics of Booty Farm are about what you would expect a farming/dating sim to be. Plant crops, raise animals, turn your harvests into products, then sell those products to the ladies you encounter throughout the game. Each successful sale earns some gold, experience, and affection points. Once the transaction is complete, you enter into the dating sim aspect where you have some dialogs with a chance to earn some bonus affection points. Get enough affection points and you can progress further into each ladies story line. Rinse and repeat, unlocking more and more items to expand your farm, and meeting more women for your sexual conquest.

The farming aspect is simple and enjoyable. The sprites are well made. For being a game that has long idle harvest times, it does a great job of including enough items that have short cool downs. With careful planning, You can play for an extended amount of time and always have something to do. Near the tail end of my play through, they updated the look of the grass, some outbuildings, and added new interactions with mouse clicks. These small changes greatly improved the aesthetics in my opinion.

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It's always nice to see developers updating their games and making them better. It shows they care, and it's not your run of the mill; Slapped together to make a quick buck; Piece of hot garbage. It has quality assurance. This is important.

There are plenty of different crops, animals, and production buildings to keep you busy. The progression feels smooth. Any problem you run into has proper checks and balances to remedy the situation. Running out of storage space? Sell stacks of ten items in the market, craft some products, turn in requests from your ladies, or simply upgrade your inventory for the price of collected materials (or gems if you can't be bothered). Unable to fulfill your orders? No problem, you can cancel them and replace them with new ones that you might be able to finish. Where there's a will there's a way.

The music isn't bad. It's only the one track on a loop, so it gets old after a while. However, you can disable it entirely. Give it a listen for at least long enough to notice how everything moves in sync with the rhythm. You can disable the sound effects as well if you so desire. I rather like them though. It's all well done ambient sounds and the collection chimes are pleasant and non intrusive to the senses.

The dating sim portion is pretty straight forward. The girls ask questions and you have three responses to choose from that usually follow the same three archetypes. The sweet talker, the horn-dog, or the sarcastic funny guy. You can generally guess correctly based on the girls characteristics, though it isn't always intuitive and you can say the wrong thing sometimes. Giving the incorrect response doesn't cause much harm. You just lose out on the bonus affection points and possibly the opportunity to get factoids about the ladies which unlock rewards. You can get by just fine by role playing your way through it. You can be any of the three archetypes all the time if you want, you'll still progress. The dialogs do repeat every so often so you'll get the opportunity to tell them what they want to hear. They don't repeat often enough to be boring or old though. It's enough to be a bonus memory game. They will quiz you about their factoids from time to time, so you gotta remember their stats and preferences.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Now it's time for the bow-chika-bow-bow portion of this review. This is an adult game after all...

There are thirteen ladies for you to get down and dirty with. They come in many different flavors and personality types. Your sexcapades consist of a series of photos for each girl that get increasingly risque and hardcore as your relationships evolve.

Each lady has ten photos to unlock for the first season. Your first eleven photos are free. Every photo after that costs 1000 gold per pic, or you can spend gems to unlock five or fifteen of them at a time. Basically, if you want dem nudes, you gotsta pay. There are two seasons of content, but I don't know about the second season, as I haven't progressed that far. I imagine it's another series of photos for each girl. I'm not sure how many. Unlocking the second season costs gems. You can slowly earn gems in game, so it's possible to get them all for free. However, it's going to take a lot of effort to do so. There are well over a hundred photos so you can do the math on that one.

Once you unlock the train yard, you will also unlock adventures to go on with your ladies that result in bonus photos of you bumping uglies abroad. These photos are freebies that you don't have to pay to view. If you're like me and you don't really care about this sort of thing, It's probably best to use your gold and gems for other things like more selling or production slots. If you're only in it for the sex scenes, it's going to take some grinding, or should I say; Some bumping and grinding.

In conclusion, Booty Farm is a far more impressive game than one would expect. I enjoyed it. I thought all the mechanics were well rounded. The farming was addictive, the dating dialog was surprisingly well written and not over the top. The ladies personalities were fleshed out well (pun intended). The artwork is quite good. All in all it was a nice gaming experience. I would recommend if you are into adult games, as well as games in general. You should give this game a try.

4.7 (3)
Author BananaHammer
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