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the basics of is a game that is as complicated as easy. You have 1 "goal" in the game, be the biggest. Seems easy isn't it?

However it's up to you how to achieve that goal, but let's start from the basics. In you are a ball on a huge 2D map, there a lesser balls (not players) that you can consume by moving over them and grow in the process. there are balls in all kinds of colors but the most dangerous are the green spiked ones. When you are smaller than the spiked ball you can "hide behind it", but if you are bigger and try to consume it you will be shattered to several lesser balls and will need time to become one again making you more vulnerable to other players that you would be bigger if you would be one ball only. You always need to pay attention to whats going on around you or you can be defeated in a moment, you can get to great heights but can fall as well in just seconds. is a very intensive game that you can play seriously or just have fun with people

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

in you have two abilities you can use: you can split yourself in two shooting out half of yourself towards the direction you move your mouse, making it easy to devour lesser and quicker players, or escape thought situations with less losses. the other ability you can use is to shoot out a small part of yourself for other players to consume, that can help getting friends when you are one of the players on the leaderboard. is a very good game to play when you have some free time and want to relax, or just to have fun on IT lessons ;) in you always want to be the greatest, but that doesn't mean that you must be mean, teaming up and forming alliances are a great way of playing the game and having fun, as much as it is a requirement for survival and long term goals. However an "alliance" doesn't equal a life insurance, you can always be betrayed as you can be the betrayer too. that's what gives the intensity of the game. You cannot truly trust anyone, for that they can as much destroy you as anyone else.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

in the game there are different game modes, the original ffa (free for all), teams where different colors fight for domination and much much more. Every game mode has it's own play style you must get used to or you will be consumed by others. Be sure to always pay attention so that you can turn the intensity of the game to your adventage, not your pain. I know that this seems very hard, but when you get into it it's a lot of fun and it can make you relax a lot. As you can see on the pictures, in there are a lot of skins to get. some depends on your name, like if your name is USA your skin will be the flag of the USA, the same works with the "leaders" of a lot of countries as well. Every time you lose you gain experience, reaching higher and higher levels rewards you with skins as well. You can get coins too, once an hour or more by watching videos, you can spend your coins on skins. New skins arrive to the game regularly so stay tuned. Thanks for reading, and have fun playing

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