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Game Review of Crossout

Crossout is a massively online multiplayer game that grips its user throughout the course of the game. It allows us to combine a competitive, fighting game with intense creativity that captures our interest.
The premise of this game is that each user is given a garage in which one can edit the car that they have. This involves changing its' base, adding weapons, adding armour and adding a whole other host of things. As well as doing that, one can change the design of the car as much as one wants with no restraints. It's amazing the extent of your imagination that plays a part in this game. Even the colour of different parts of your killer car can be changed at will. There are various different guns and other weapons such as bayonets that can be added to one's car. There are also such boosts that one can put on one's car to increase speed etc.
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The second element of the game is the massively-multiplayer online part of it. One gets to be let loose into a map where the aim is to remain in the opponent's section for a certain period. One is put into one of two teams and then has to work to destroy the enemy or get into their section. As one shoots the enemies and gets shot at, different parts of your car progressively fall off depending on which part is getting shot and how strongly attached to the car they are. Let me give you an example, say some enemy car kept shooting your back left wheel, then you would lose the corresponding overall health but also notably your back left wheel would fall off. As you can imagine, this could be quite detrimental during the game as you lose more and more of your car. It's especially bad when you lose your wheels and guns.
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There are many different modes that you can play on this game. There is the generic capture the flag but there are also other interesting missions you can attempt in order to unlock special items.
Overall, I really enjoyed this game. I would rate it very highly. The main reason for this is because of the beautiful inventiveness required and the ramifications of one's design can actually be seen in the game. It's such a joyful process to make a vehicle and then actually go and test it out to see how it fares against others' design. It's also a fun concept just to fight each other with cars in different maps to see how you fare against each other.
There are some aspects of this game that still need to be improved but most of these centre around technical issues surrounding the multiplayer. Other than that, fantastic!
5.0 (1)
Author firereckless
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