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Can You Crush Your Crush In The Art of Crushing?

From what I BELIEVE is early on I have been playing Crush Crush, and I must say that it has been a great experience, from watching the game expand and grow to the actual gameplay! The characters bring a smile to my face, in regards to both their appearances and their personalities. I've laughed a good number of times while playing this! I love the humor. The gameplay is simple and easy to grasp, but by no means boring. If you have a touch screen like myself, you can tappity-tap on and poke the girls (and buttons, but they don't squeal when poked), but if not there's still the mouse. Clicking all over the place can make your index fingers super buff! Flex those finger muscles!

So, onto specifics so you all know what the crab cakes I'm talking about - in Crush Crush, you meet a plethora of widely-varying anime girls through very awkward and disastrous encounters. Through meeting certain requirements - money in the bank, job levels acquired, number of heart-shaped affections earned from the girls, hobby levels reached, gifts given, and dates gone on - you move onto the next stage of the relationship with each girl, until you hit the end-goal of "Lover". Though, it's important to manage the time slots you're given for all of your activities - which, earlier on, makes the process take a lot longer as you cannot do as much at once. Luckily as you make progress you earn more time slots, which stick with you even if you reset your progress for a speed boost on all stats!
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Although the first girl "crushed" in the game is not to my liking, I know that there's plenty of others who would love her. I suppose I'm simply not a fan of the tsundere type. After her, however, came the gamer girl, and I got super excited - I was sure she'd be my favorite. But then as more girls were met, I found myself adoring one after another. Their dialogue is sweet and witty in different ways, displaying each of their personalities amazingly. These girls all make me laugh and warm my heart, and I cannot praise the writer behind these words enough for his portrayal. The same goes to the artist(s) behind all the images of the characters!

Although it may seem like something which you would spend maybe fifteen minutes a day playing at most, I can say from experience that this is simply not the case. I've found myself going into multiple notably long sessions within a single day, so as to check my offline progress, meet requirements to level-up my relationship status with the girls, and to enjoy the overall happy feeling the game gives me! There's definitely a lot of positivity radiating from the game's aesthetic and interactions as a whole.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
If I was to ask for anything to be altered or updated in the game, there's only two things I'd ask for. First is possible voice acting - it's not at all a necessity, but it would be so fun to hear the girls all talking (and I TOTALLY don't just want to play one of the girls - okay, yes, I really, REALLY do)! The second thing I'd ask is for a few more options for the player's little avatar customization, just because I'd love to see my cute marshmallow persona's options expand for maximum cuteness. Even that, though, really isn't necessary for me to give this game a strong recommendation. I could gush about any of the characters for a long while (except Cassie, but that's a matter of personal taste), but I think I've gone on long enough. Can't give away EVERYTHING, otherwise there's nothing to discover. Then what fun would playing the game for yourself be?

I do hope that my words get those of you reading interested in the game! Gushing about anime girls all by my lonesome is, well, lonesome.
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Author Thyne
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