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how good is it really

CS:GO... ah the good old meme creator of steam, how should i put this. The game is good to an extent, but a large one at that. The games features are great and the game play is even better. There are a few problems/bugs with the game but none that are dramatically game breaking, the game is irritating at times when things glitch out and the hitboxes... omg the hitboxes, man they are bad. The community is somewhat 'Toxic' but there are many others out there who are genuine, good helpers and extremely friendly as well as the funny ones, hackers are pretty bad in this game especially in the low and really high ranks but they generally get overwatched or VAC'ed pretty quickly so they aren't really a hassle. All in all the game is good, and can produce hundreds of hours of laughter and fun. so i rate the game 9/10
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The quality and quantity of game play is phenomenal in this game, i have spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours grinding in this game as well as just having fun. having friends to play with is the much better way to going about playing the game as it becomes both more fun and it is much easier to win games when you play with friends as it is much easier to communicate and have fun at the same time as taking the game seriously. playing with other people also allows you to make many new friends and can easily create memories of times playing with them, utilizing the screenshot system allows you to capture funny moments and look back and remember those good times you had with both friends and strangers who were nice to you. all in all the game is very well made with slight issues, but it is still a really fun game.
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the skins in this game are sick as but you don't have to have skins in order to be good or look good, many pro players play with the defaults and don't use many skins, this goes to show that skins don't = wins ahahhahaha. but yeah the skins are just for decal purposes and it means the game is not a pay to win game which is good. the game is extremely balanced and both sides have an equal chance of winning. pro players also tend to lower their graphics in game in order to improve fps performance this shows that players of counter strike global offensive do not have to have the best graphics, the game looks good even with bad graphics and it makes the game a lil more retro like which is cool. all in all the game is well made and has good modes for all p[layers to play, the community servers are by far my favorite things to do in this game but its all up to the taste of the players, i rate the gamer 9/10
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Author sadboy_papi
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