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Counter Strike Gobal Offensive The Best Shooter

Hello my friends!

Today I want to tell you about the best Shooter that I could play and his name is Counter Strike Global Offensive.

The game is developed by Valve, has beautiful images in the architectural art of the buildings of the maps and in the designs of the characters (terrorists and counter-terrorist). The graphics project to improve even more with the new graphic engine that Valve has developed (souce 2).
The animations are fluid and well designed in every sense of the word, either for the human movements of the characters or for the environmental movements of the different game objects (grenades, weapons, doors, explosions, etc.)

The physics of the game is very consistent with reality except for flashbangs which sometimes bounce like a base ball.

On the other hand the sounds are excellent, with basic headphones you can distinguish the directionality of the sounds to determine where your enemy is and with the new HRTF system you will get even more involved in the game because you will know exactly where the sounds come from.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Counter Strike has several game modes for the entertainment of its users, so they have fun murdering their game enemies while fulfilling different game objectives.

Deathmatch: the idea is to obtain the highest score by killing enemies, the more assassins you will have more points and if you do it with the weapon suggested by the system, you will have an additional bonus of points, it is necessary to say that I entered more difficult to kill with a weapon, it will award more points for each death.
In this game mode the Friendly Fire is deactivated and also the collisions with the allies.

Arms Race: it is a mode similar to deathmatch, however it starts with a specific weapon and with each death you do, the weapon will change, finally they give you the knife; and is that the first player to make a death with the knife, who will win the game.

Demolition: there is little to say in this way, terrorists must activate an explosive charge c4 (bomb) and the counterterrorists must prevent it from being activated or deactivated. For every death your weapon will change. Win the team that scores the most points

Casual: is a set of maps with casual rules, each round is won by eliminating all enemies or fulfilling the objective of the game.

Competitive: These games must be played in full since an eventual withdrawal will imply a sanction by the game system for the player who does it. You win each round eliminating all the opposing team or fulfilling the objective, but the most common way is to place the c4 or avoid it.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
On the other hand the game has a system of progress that in fact is somewhat tedious, since, when starting to play you must obtain private rank 5 to be able to play competitive games.
Then win 10 competitive games (maximum you can win 2 competitive games every 24 hours, once you have done it, the system blocks the function until 24 hours pass) to play unlimited competitive games.
Then you must raise your private rank up to level 20 in order to improve the status of your account to prime mode. In prime mode, you link your cell phone number to the counter strike account and thus minimize the entry of people with hacks or cheats and smurfs (experts with new accounts who usually play them to take advantage of newbies).
Once you have your prime account, you can play unlimited games and a little more calm the competitive games, where you must focus on rising competitive rank to access games with higher quality of game.

The game is very entertaining and fun but the initiation of new players is somewhat uncomfortable. Taking a balance I recommend playing the counter strike, they will not regret it.
Bye Bye Good Luck!
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Author Vash.
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