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How to make custom reticle easily

CS:GO is an extremely competitive game and anything you can do to make you play better you should. If you enjoy playing CS:GO one of the best things you can do to improve your game is to make your own personalised reticle/Crosshair. To people that don't play the game or to people who have not been playing the game much this could seem pointless but trust me it is not. With a Crosshair you have made you can improve your accuracy and it can just make you feel more in control of your gun. Obviously this will not make you a pro player you still will not be able to play against FaZe, Cloud9 or Astralis getting to that level requires a lot more work but i can almost guarantee players for those pro teams have their own reticle/Crossahair that helps them play the game. Now lets get into the tutorial and trust me it is actually really simple.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The process is extremely easy the first step is make sure you have Counter Strike: Global Offensive installed (obviously) next go to the workshop page for Counter Strike Global Offensive and find "crashz' Crosshair Generator" in case you cannot find the page here is a link the next is step is too simply click subscribe on the workshop page. This will install the map into your copy of Counter Strike once the download is complete open Global Offensive. Once your through the loading screens click on Play then from the drop down menu click on "Offline with Bots" this will open a map selection page you then want to click on the workshop tab and find the "crashz' Crosshair Generator" map. Then click no bots and start the map although it does not matter if you do select one of the bot options.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
It will open into a pretty intuitive room where you can shoot the options to quickly and easily change your crosshair style to one you like with options like colour and whether or not you want a dot in the middle of the reticle. Behind you as you join the game is a wall of custom crosshairs used by pro players so if you want you can use your favourite pros personal crosshair. It even features a testing range where you can test your new crosshair against bots (shown above) in a variety of maps this gives you an idea about the visibility of you crosshair on different backgrounds.. As a warning the map does include adverts but they are easily ignored and i have edited them out of my screenshots (poorly). I personally went with a pretty simple crosshair but it is entirely down to your personal choice what kind of crosshair you go with. Anyway that is a simple guide on how to get your own crosshair in Counter Strike Global Offensive. Thanks for reading.
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