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How to stop Gambling / Loosing Skins on CSGO

CSGO is one of the biggest esport / competitive games out there. With over 10 million players each month, from all over the world, with many different skill levels.
Back near the start of CSGO, Valve released an update for skins or virtual item's that camouflage your weapon. This allowed for people to spend real money on items
or camouflages in the game.

More recently, gambling site's became a popular trend as the skins could be 'traded' to special steam accounts, that processed the trades automatically. These trades were then updated on places such as gambling websites for currency or to bet with. This was not the intention for Valve's skins, they were made to be traded the player to player purely based on the look of the skins, not on the value. This slowly because something more to do with value, and everyone wanted to overpay making trading with players very difficult, and so it began people legal or not legal began to bet on these CSGO SKIN "Gambling Websites"

Alot of people have fallen victim from gambling on csgo websites, and the trend is spreading to other games, and fortifying the csgo community.
Im hoping the words I say and the methods I mention in this guide can stop you from gambling your skins away. And at the very end, a little note from the owner of a site, that I can mention, who opened the first 'CSGO' website for trading.
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So CSGO Gambling has become so popular with the community. that you can not even get into a game of casual without seeing someone with a CSGO Gambling site in their name.
This show's how much this has spread into the community. Im hopefully gonna tell you how to stop this.

So let's go a little back in time when Gambling sites were anything but a myth. People were unboxing skins using Valve's "Case" system in game, where you would buy a key and use it in game to receive a special item or just a common blue rarity skin. With the skins people had, they were trading and selling using the community market, like
what valve had intended to do with the 'Skins' update into counter strike. Although the market was pretty weak back then, and a Knife would set you back anywhere from $30 - $200 for a top end Knife. Over time, with the addition of gambling sites, we saw the market increase when people realized they can overprice things to make gambling sites work with more expensive items.

This was just an introduction, let's get into some ways that I can try to help you stop gambling your skins.

One of my methods im using currently to stop me gambling my skins away is aim for something.
Although skins are increasing in price because of the amount of players who are now buying them and that in itself raises the prices of everything, you can still aim to get that top tier knife. I have another guide on my profile teaching you how to get free skins, and by doing so, you can save for that M4A4 Howl for free. Although this takes time, which not everyone has, it is the Risk-free method to getting the skins you want. And even though Gambling is faster, it also could go along
with taking all your skins, setting you back even more time. Saving skins in your inventory is the best method you can use to keep yourself safe from Gambling websites, and also safe from scammers, untill you have enough skins saved up, to trade using 'Valve's Trading System' so there is no risk. Make sure you get the item you want for your items and people do scam! So Be aware, I also have a guide to notice scams, before you are scammed.

Another method, which in this day and age is the easiest way to stop gambling. Is to remove your Steam Mobile Authenticator.
Now if your like me, and Gamble away at any chance you get, you always need to have your phone open, to accept a trade to a gambling sites bot. Now this is impossible, if you remove your Steam accounts, mobile authenticator, as once removed/re-enabled, takes 15 days to allow you to trade again. This show's that in any case, you simply can not gamble. Now if you have skins in your inventory, and feel like you want to gamble, you can remove your authenticator in a few short clicks either on the mobile app, or the desktop version of the app kindly provided by Jesicar.

This also might not work, because you need to trade to get skins? Well yes, this is true, in that case you can just try to resist the temptation of gambling, or make an alternate
account to accept trade offers, and stop gambling.

I hope this is helping so far, I still have a few more methods to stop you from gambling though!
This method is used quite alot, but if the temptation is strong enough, will not work on alot of people.
This method requires you to have alot of patience, and you need to think before you act with this one. You can get Google chrome apps' such as website blockers, and this in turn can stop you accessing gambling sites altogether. As this will work, alsong as you remain vigilant and not remove this app, you can be golden. Just block all the site that you might visit to gamble away your skins, and then your fine, you can't access the sites. Some good add-ons also have a password feature built in, and with this, you can add a password, or if you wanted to, get someone to put it in for you, so you don't know what it is. And if you can get one that doesn't need to confirm your password. You can just hit your keyboard a few times and get something like this "gejsvfdjefewqigrne" (This is what I do!)
Just dont break your keyboard... :)

One of my last methods is all to do with your frame of mind.
Have you thought of time's when you lost alot of money, or have you thought of times where you have had not much money, and really could have done with those skins to sell
but now you don't have them because you gambled them away?
Well... this one is supposed to make you feel emotionally different to sway you away from betting.
If you have no emotion, this part might not help you, and therefore you can move on, but if you even have a glimmer of emotion, this one can help massively.
As depressing as it sounds, Losing money can be quite hard on some people, and might even result in them crying or being depressed. A lot of the time, this is because
the site has almost stolen their skins, and he/she lost all their skins betting. Well if this is you, just think back to the time you were the saddest and think back to how bad you felt after you lost your skins. And just picture yourself, 5-10 Minutes from that point that you wanting to gamble, and seeing yourself in that state again. If that does not work, then think about other people, other people are homeless and starving, and if you have emotion, this alone should trigger some kind of thought to get you going to persuade you to stop gambling then and there.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
This is almost it for this guide, but just touching on the note of 'Gambling Addictions'. CSGO SKIN gambling or any gambling can cause serious gambling addictions, this is not to be taken lightly, and for +18's (18 Year Olds+) you should know when to quit. But if you are <18 Year's old, you may find yourself stuck and no one to talk to. Well hopefully this has never happened to any of you, because I know from personal relation, that this has caused some serious issues outside my life, aswell as in the game.
All over a few pixels. If you do find yourself in a depressed state or want some more help on how to stop Gambling I'm always here either in the comments, at my steam , (id/Scrooby) or you can seek pro advice at where you can take tests and see if you need to.

Now moving off this topic, moving into a little question I asked a 'trading site owner'. His name and site are to be disclosed as Im not sure if im allowed to post it in this review. But he is the owner of 2 types of site, a Player v Tradebot trading site, and also a player v player trading site. Both sites are huge success' in his name. As a close friend, I just asked him in a teamspeak server, and noted his replies;

The question: Do you think gambling sites will shut?

His Response: "I hope they do *laugh, I mean, the sites themselves are very strange and in my opinion rigged. This whole array of gambling sites is ridiculous and should be stopped, <his site> has been around for what? 4 year's now and I've noticed a number of people using my site has dropped incredibly, and Im just waiting for the day for gambling
sites to shut, because it will bring back the old community which was greater"

The owner I was speaking with has a very good point. Gambling sites will eventually shut down as the US have already pre-scripted Law's against E-Gambling and are working with Valve (CSGO Developers) to make the community clean. All this will show that the old community is still there to go back to the days of trading, and not gambling.

Once again, everyone, this is all I have for this guide, but if there are any suggestions/improvements or errors I can add or improve upon please do let me know,
and I hope you can all stop gambling soon!

Stay safe,
All the best,
- King Scroob
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