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Overview of the game Arena of Legends

Game Process.

Arena of Legends is a browser game that combines the mechanics of successful MMO projects and RPG elements, such as the need to pump heroes through the clothes they wear. Your character must assemble his team in order to participate in endless battles, coming out of them as a winner. Each of the heroes is accepted into the team by purchasing in the in-game store through local currency obtained from battles, or through donated currency, by investing real money. There is no plot as such in the game, but there is a local campaign where you have to fight various monsters and fearmen, earning gold along the way and winning outfits for your hired heroes. But the main way of entertainment is in battles with real people. PvP battles take place automatically, but the correct and timely use of the active skills of the characters under his control and the “main character”, in the role of which the player is, depends on the player.

We can divide this game into differnet forms

Benefits and unusual mechanics

The project is based on the unpretentious system of the gameplay of the game Chronicles of Chaos, which is quite well-known to the public, hosted on the VKontakte social network platform, so that it will be much easier for those who played it to get used to the new project. The mechanics of automatic combat in the Arena between several Heroes was taken as the basis, and it was brought to the ideal, as far as the browser-based model of game distribution allows. However, unlike other projects that blindly copy mechanics and do not bring anything personal or new to the game, in the Arena of Legends, developers invest new, hitherto unused mechanics in such games.

So they changed the approach to getting rewards for battles, replacing random loot with a scheme used in the popular mobile game Clash Royale. So, after each battle, you will drop a chest with loot of a certain level. This level depends on which league you play in. The chest depends on the league directly, so when fighting in a wooden league, you will only be able to knock out a wooden chest, in an iron league – an iron chest, and so on. Such a reward system is extremely effective, since each defeat leads to the loss of your place in the League, and after a certain number of defeats, you are returned to the previous League, depriving you of the opportunity to win better equipment from chests and more gold.

Also, with an increase in level, the cost of opening chests also increases, so wooden ones open instantly, iron ones – 8 hours, emerald ones – 12, and so on.

Grind mechanics and procedure for “dressing” characters

As previously indicated, you, being in the role of the Lord, will have to recruit your own team of unique Heroes, each of which will have to level up. That’s what the dressing mechanic comes in handy for. So you need to gain a certain amount of “clothes” to increase the level: rings, armor, boots and other options for uniforms of warriors. By collecting a full set of different items, you can increase the level of a fighter, at the same time increasing the damage from normal and special attacks, as well as increase the characteristics of active skills.

They have to be knocked out either in a battle against bots in the campaign mode, or from chests that drop after defeating live players, or through a purchase in the store. The drop-down “clothing” is tied to the levels, so you have to wait until you drop the trinket necessary for your level. You also get the opportunity to level up your character, there is practically no difference in leveling with mercenaries, except for the fact that clothes for your character fall out only after fights with people, and are also fragments of ancient armor, of varying degrees of durability and damage.

So you have an almost endless grind of resources to pump your characters better and faster than your opponent. Donat and donated currency can help you in this difficult matter. So for a certain sum you will have the opportunity to buy a set of clothes for your character for real money, ahead of possible progress at this stage.


Although the game borrows most of its ideas from others like it, it does not forget to bring something new to the genre. So it has grown from another clone of the game from VK into a rather independent product, which is no longer compared with the original source, since it has already bypassed it in almost everything. Moreover, the Arena of Legends does not depend on a specific place of distribution, as it has its own website, on which registration and the game itself take place.

The game itself also borrows a stylization of some kind of dark fantasy, similar to the stylization of the world of Dota, which on the one hand gives a certain feeling of déjà vu, and on the other hand gives confidence that the developers did not want to experiment too much, with the risk of not accepting the alternative style by the audience.

The game will suit both fans of this genre and games, as well as beginners who want to have a good time in something new for them. So let’s wish the players good luck, may Fortune be favorable to them and let a fair fight be held between them …

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