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CSGO Prime (B2P)
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My CS:GO experience and why you should own it too

For me, i already have 1400+ hours on both my steam accounts combined just for cs go, I've played the game a lot and its one of my favorite games.

The game is really competitive and it offers a lot of different play styles that you can do, you can queue alone and try and play with the team it gives you, or you can play with a team of you plus up to four of your friends and have a slightly better coordination. the game offers skins also, you can earn skins once a week from the weekly drop, you can trade skins you earn and case drops to get other skins. the way that skins effect the game is that after they got implemented a ton of people started playing the game more and more, the more skins that where made and added to the game the more people came and played the game mostly for the skins and the price of them, some of the higher tier skins can cost you up to 150,000$ just cause of how rare they are.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
or you can straight up buy skins and skins are nice but pricey. there are two different kind of ranks in the game, one of the ranks is you earn and level up by earning exp in the game and after you hit level 40 in the game you can prestige and you get a service medal, there are 6 different levels to the service medal and no one has hit the highest level of service medal yet, also there are new service medals each year, that means if you get a service medal in 2016 by example and you prestige in 2017 it will give you a completely new service medal. the other type of rank is your competitive skill rank, for me i am a gold nova 2 and that is not high but its also not low, in the game you want to try and reach as high of a rank as possible where the highest is global elite and the lowest is silver 1.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
the last thing i want to talk about is operations, operations are a dlc in the game, for a spand of time the games gets new maps, new modes and you have the chance of getting skins that you can just earn in the operation like everyone favorite skin the dragon lore which is one of the most expensive skins you can get as a drop in the game. the operations mean a lot to people and the map makers make money so that they can keep making new maps for the community to play.

the game to me means a lot to me, i played the game countless times and I am going to keep playing the game plenty more, the game is still growing and theirs still a ton of new fans joining every day.

thank you for reading my review and i hope i gave you enough information about the game to get you to buy it, the game is really cheap and is int repetitive.
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Author carl15ful
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