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CSGO Prime (B2P)
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why csgo is the best shooter game on PC

In my opinion csgo is the best shooter game on PC at the moment first of all people say call of duty is the shooter game on PC. I beg to differ because Csgo's player count exceeds the player count of call of duty by double. The first reason why its probably has a bigger player count is because its not an expensive game like call of duty because call of duty is 60 dollars and csgo is 15 dollars. Another reason why it has higher player counts than call of duty is because there is more game modes. I'm talking about the community servers on csgo you can go into surfing servers and awp only servers and stuff like that. There is also head shot only servers that you can practice your aim on. There is also the competitive game mode which is a 5v5 up to 30 rounds game mode which is like search and destroy if you played call of duty.
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There is also workshop maps which include missions, hide and seek, 1v1 maps and other maps of that sort. This game is really fun overall this game got an 83 score on meta critic and got a 8/10 rating on ign which is really good for a 6 year old game. My rating on this game is a 9.5/10 because some guns are unbalanced and there are a lot of hackers on competitive because people are garbage and just want to be good at the game without actually playing the game which is really annoying for the people that don't cheat. I dont cheat personally because its just boring in my opinion id rather be bad but getting better than just cheating my way to a higher rank. It is really dumb that is one of the reason why this game is bad because the anti cheat system is really bad it takes like 20 reports for them to look into their case which is stupid.
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So Id recommend buying this game 100 percent if you like first person shooters or just want a cheap time consuming game this is the game for you. Id recommend this game over call of duty on PC any day. There are a lot of flaws to this game for example hackers, inconsistencies and just toxic players mess the game up. But i would still recommend this game either way because it is a really fun game and you can meet a couple people that you can talk to and become friends with because most of the community may be toxic but some people are actually friendly and you can get to know them pretty well. Overall id rate this game a nine point five out of ten and and eighty nine on meta critic. I hope you guys enjoyed my review and i hope you guys want to buy this game because it is truly a fun game to play.
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