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A nice little pyro jetpack exploit, albeit not too game breaking

In this article I will present an exploit for pyro that apparently Valve doesn't want to fix. It doesn't break the game much though, as you have to be quite skilled to make use of the exploit ;). (In general I condemn the abuse of exploits, but this one is almost harmless for the general population of TF2, so I made an exception for it)

A bit of background info

This exploit involves the Thermal Thruster aka the jetpack, which is a secondary "weapon" for pyro. For those who don't, when you use the jetpack to launch yourself into the air, you get multiple buffs on your pyro. The first one is taking less fall damage, which is really useful sometimes. (Ever died annoyingly by falling when you had no idea how much health you had?) The second one is that when you land on an enemy's head, you inflict damage on them, sometimes quite a lot (depending on the height from which you fell on them). These buffs can be pretty powerful, the only problem is: they don't last long. Once you're on the ground, the effects are gone. But what if they weren't?

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

(Image courtesy of Delfy)

The Exploit

It turns out you can keep these buffs forever, if you do some clever trick (well technically that's a lie - you only keep the buffs till you die; but you can just do the process again). This means, even if you stay on the ground, the effects won't go away. You can jump down from great heights and you won't take a lot of fall damage, plus stomping enemies on their heads is still possible.

What's more, you don't even need the jetpack for this - you can equip any other weapon of your choice as your secondary! Well I guess you can keep the jetpack as well if you're so keen on it but I haven't tested if the buffs persist after you launch yourself normally into the air after doing the exploit... Anyways, the common choice is The Detonator - seriously, any pyro main's most important secondary is probably this one. With the Detonator, you can make quite high jumps from high places, landing on enemies' heads, inflicting damage, then burning them to crisps, after chopping them up with The Axtinguisher of course. Muahahha!

By playing this game you can get 100 Play


  • Go to the spawn area and equip the Thermal Thruster
  • Go outside the spawn area and equip a different secondary weapon (I personally like The Detonator the most because jumping on enemies' heads is easiest with this wep)
  • Go back inside the spawn area and launch yourself towards a resupply cabinet - It's very important that when you touch the resupply cabinet, you're still in the air!
  • Make sure that your hear a whooshing sound a couple of seconds after you did the previous procedure - if you hear it, it means you did everything correctly and the exploit works!
  • If you don't hear the whooshing sound after 2-3 seconds, go back to the first bullet point and do everything again :(
  • ???
  • Profit!


Alright, that's it for this tutorial fellow gamers. Good luck on using this exploit - it won't be easy because jumping on people requires skill. Probably that's why Valve still hasn't patched it. A lot of people are also unaware of this exploit, I only see it very rarely in casual matches. So this exploit can be quite a surprise for your enemies. Hey - it's quite fun!

(if you know how to use it of course :D)

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