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How 2 Medic(beginner's guide)

Ok, so you probably have nearly zero hours in the game as a medic. Suppose your team is losing and your team asks you to play as a medic. You are going to be stuck in a really bad situation if you don't know how to play medic. If that's the case you have come to the right place because a team with a better medic is more likely to win a game. I want you to be that medic who can help his team in the match. Medic is the only exclusively healing class in the whole game out of the nine classes. Classes are divided into three categories. The three categories are Attacking, Defensive and Support. The medic is in the support class so his task is to help his team rather than going offensive. The medic has a syringe gun, a medigun, and a bone saw in his default loadout. Let me save you some time and tell you right now that the syringe gun and the bone saw are almost useless since the whole role of a medic revolves around the medigun. The syringe gun and bone saw instead make you play more offensively which is not what medic is not meant for. Medic is in the support category so he doesn't have any offensive capabilities to help him play offensively. The medic is meant for getting assists rather than kills. You can replace the syringe gun and bone saw with better alternatives. The best alternatives to these two weapons according to me are the Crusader's crossbow and the Ubersaw.

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The medigun also has alternatives all of which are amazing in different circumstances or scenarios. Even with all these alternatives I still recommend the stock medigun to the newer players because it is much easier to use and is very versatile as well. The medic has a health pool of 150 hitpoints which is pretty decent in my opinion. This is fair since he has no means to defend himself properly so giving him a larger health pool than most classes helps the medic by a lot. He also has a very decent movement speed. He has a passive ability as well. He passively regenerates three hitpoints every second. This gets higher as long as the medic doesn't get hit. Medic heals others so he needs a way to heal himself, right? The medic is amazing because of one thing and that is his ubercharge. Medic has an ability called ubercharge that regenerates every time you heal some damage to your teammates. Once it is charged the medic can activate it using his alt-fire. Once activated the medic and the teammate whom he is healing become invincible for roughly eight seconds. You can still die from falling off the map so the pyros can easily airblast you out of the map. All of these abilities, perks, and abilities make him a great class.

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There are many things that you need to keep in mind as a medic. As a medic, you should always keep moving while you are healing because the mediguns beam auto locks to your teammates. For this reason, you don't need to aim while using the medigun. Medic is also the target for snipers, so it will make them miss most of their shots when you move here and there. Spies also target medics so you have to keep your eyes on anything suspicious. You should be looking behind you to see if any spy is trying to backstab you. You have to always stay far from the teammate that you are healing because it will be harder for enemies to switch their aim to you if they kill your teammates. It is also beneficial to stay away from the teammate whom you are healing because it is less like for you to get damaged by area damage effects like rockets and fire. The last tip I would like to share with you is to avoid ammo packs. Yes, it is alright for you to take health packs because you are the medic and your kife is supposed to be more important than other classes in the game but don't take ammo packs because the medigun doesn't require any ammo to work. Yes, there's more to medic than this but since I wrote this by focusing more on beginners I would tell you that the best way to improve is to develop some game sense. Game sense comes with time and experience so focus on that. That's all for today so thank you and have a good day.

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