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Is Team fortress 2 worth it now?

Hello everyone today we are going to see if team fortress 2 worth is it in 2023? Team fortress is 16 year old at this point but it still has a very big community and active players. It might not sound like much as there are multiple other games who have shown their resilience against time but team fortress 2 had not received a major update since 2016. The developers have only been sending minor updates recently. Its been 6 years since team fortress 2 got a major update and it is very concerning. Valve has quite literally abandoned one of the best multiplayers. Still, the community is big and strong but there is one big problem for both new players and old players. If you have played team fortress 2 in the last 2-3 years then you might know that there is a bot crisis going on in the game which has forced a massive chunk of the players to leave the game. Valve has not done much about it either. These were only the bad things going on in team fortress 2 because team fortress 2 has a lot to offer.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

As I said before, the game has a massive fanbase who won't stop playing the game anytime soon. PC Gamer said that "This is the most fun you can have online" which is very true. The community of this game is very funny. It consists of both kind and generous players to goofy and aggressive players. This game has tons of different weapons or items for all the classes and many good looking cosmetics. There are tons of fanmade maps as well because this game actually allows players to make them. Each of the 9 classes have a unique personality and different functions. There are a lot of taunts in this game that have been an integral part of this game for a longtime. One thing to note before getting into the game is that there are lots of limitations on free to play players. Free to play players cannot receive good drops, they can't use text or voice to communicate e.t.c. If you want to get rid of limitations then you should spend money on the mann co store inside the game. You could also buy the orange box pack which is a better idea in my opinion as it contains a few more valve games which are all awesome games. Team fortress is very impressive visually not in the sense of realism.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

It has cool cartoonish looking visuals which numb the violence inside this game. Trust me, there is a fair amount of gore in tis game but most of us can take it. The cosmetics, weapons, and maps in this game often contain references to many things. Games made by valve like CS:GO, Dota 2 and Team fortress 2 are know for trading and marketing items. You can trade your items with someone or you can sell it to someone on the community market. Cosmetics or items in this game can be seen being sold for thousands of dollars. The workshop items in this game are also amazing. Even to this date team fortress 2 has been a big source of content for content creators. Source Film Maker[SFM] is commonly used to animate different short movies or memes about this game. It is very amazing that this game has survived the test of time for almost two decades at this point. Even if the game is not frequently updated it is still worth trying as you might be missing on a ton of fun from Team fortress 2. I hope you enjoy your time with Team fortress 2, thank you and have a good day.

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