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Drakensang Online
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Best RPG free game

My long hours spent on this game, can say a lot about how interesting this game is. The game itself has 4 characters (used to have only 2 ranger and warrior) which you are able to expand on. What I mean by 'expand on' is that, the time you start playing the game, you have the opportunity to collect or buy your equipment to make your character stronger. Each character has their own strenght and weakness. As I said earlier, there are 4 characters: Warrior, Ranger, Spellweaver and Steam Mechanicus. The game has 55 levels (used to only have 45) and trust me, it is not easy to get a really high level really quick. Past the level 25, gaining the experience points is much harder. The game tells you to start farming (staying in one or more areas killing monsters to get better equipment for yor charracter and also earining experience points) and this is the point where the fun level hits the highest. It's not so easy to get a really good equipment so that your character is more stronger against the monsters and players, as it sometimes can take a really long time to get anything good, however it is worth the smile on your face and also the excitement from getting an awesome piece of your equipment. The game has 5 types of equipment you can get; Improved (green colour), Magic (blue colour), Extraordinat (Bright purple colour), Legendary (Yellow/Orange colour) and Unique (Yellow with an outline).
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
So, now that you know a little bit about the characters and their equipment, we can now move on onto the next part which is talking about the game. The game has a really big world and is obvieusly online, so you can play with your friends in one area together without anyone else annyoing you. You are able to create a group of 5 (5 is the maximum number of players per group) and it's free to make. Then there is a guild whcih you have to pay for (in- game money) to make and the amount of players in one guilt is infinitive. The guilt allows you to get a higher chance of getting a good equipment and more experience points, depending on how many players are in the group. The game has a great story, however most players play the game to get the highest score in the leaderboard. As I said earlier the game has a lot of areas to explore which are really detailed and a huge variety of new monsters in majority of locations (Some monsters will reapeat however they will look different and have a different name) which makes the game so rich of details. You are able to get Costumes, Emotes, Mounts and pets and each category has 6-10 different categories which have a lot of costumes, emotes, mounts and pets which you can buy or get for free from a certain event and show-off them to your friends.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The game has alos a after world and events. After world is another huge location (the same as normal) but with different touch to it and a lot harder monsters to kill which give even better equipment. Most people visit these places in groups and even then it's really hard. Events are the most exciting for everysingle drakensang online player. There is a ton of events that are rare and some last for 31 days (the longest) and some for only few hours or days (the easiest or over powerd). They have the special gadgets such as mounts, emotes, costumes and pets which you can not ever get unless you spend the real money. The game is RPG MMO and is similar to League of Legents, which is why it's so popular. The game has most languages included, which is why the game allowes players from different parts of world to play it. It's really addictive, and playing less than an hour a day won't get you as much in progress as you would want to, which is why it's a disadvantage for peole with a lot of work to do to play this game. It's highly recommended to play this game at least more than an hour a day to be able to see your progress, however for most people it's not a problem and play around 30 mins a day and have still a quite a good progress.

Homefully my review made you want to check the game out.
4.8 (5)
Author QuickOfDeath
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