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Grand Theft Auto V (B2P)
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Gta online Downside and tutorial for last heist

I am mainly only going to talk about gta 5's online so yea. Just to start I don't think anyone should bother with gta online because well everything is just way too expensive with every coming update every item added mainly cars, boats, planes are where your money will be spent but you can get any of those until u make some money and there is only two ways to do that u can play boring ass heist or u can waste all your real life money and buy shark cards that range from $2.99 ($100,000) to $99.99 ($8,000,000) and I don't many people have all the money to spend on dumb shark cards so just don't bother. But wait there is heist! Well yes there are and guess what they are the most boring thing in the entire game, if you do plan to play heist make sure u got friends or someone is doing the pacific slandered job and let you have all the money because if they don't then you're shit out of luck. Being the last heist of the game and I believe the most money you can make from the whole experience $1,000,000 a heist the could take you and hour plus or maybe less that time but before you can do the heist you are going to have to do the set up jobs.
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Now we will be talking about the setup missions, starting with 1. Vans having two people being navigators and two people being drivers for the navigators trying us the nav app on their phone trying to find the vans and take pictures of the license plates and then finally tracking the most valuable one and taking said van and driving it to a secure location and taking of some sort of tracker thing idk it something important. Setup 2. Signal driving your car to a beach to get on a couple of land sharks to drive to a little island and saving a guy who can help you out from the last setup but before that one person should head to a helicopter because it will be easier to do the setup with that because the cops come after you and it may take a bit to get them off of you because you can't call them off with Lester, once the cops are gone just head to the marker and then it's done. Setup 3 hack head back to that secure location from before then drive the van to the marker and just shoot up the place so you can drive the van to the parking spot and switch out the servers or something and that's it. Setup 4. Convoy what do you think it's about you drive your cars to a what convoy shoot up and then steal the truck with the mission item and drive it all the way to the same location as the mission “Signal” and that's it. Setup 5 the final setup called Bikes, where you drive to a biker club that stole bikes that have a boost ability and you got to shoot them up and steal the bikes best do that with the karuma gained from the first heist called “fleeca job” because it completely armored so you can't die, once the bikes are taken you got to drive them to the final parking marker and that better said than done because when you set the setup at a herd difficulty your team only gets one life when someone dies you fail and you're going to fail a lot to the point maybe you might want to quit your goal is to try and avoid cars from hitting you hiding random objects and getting shot at hard af, but once you finish this challenge it over and you're able to do the real and long waited for heist.
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Now you at the job select and money distribute screen you host has a choice to give people the right job that they the you can do with a lot better and just wait till the new gta 6 comes out and red dead redemption 2 comes out. Like you and the rest of the team that will be good at and give the people the amount of money by choice but if you can try and get the most of the money by asking the host, but I don't see that being possible unless you know them, but after all that you do the heist drive to the bank have to two crowd control the crowd then one person breaks three doors with incendiary grandes and the other hacks the terminal to get in the vault once inside only one person should take the money so you don't lose as much money get to the bikes and drive to the final ending marker and that's it just don't fall off the bike so you don't lose the money but that's it you head back to a free roam game and get your money after looking at a dumb cut-scene that seems to last forever you can get about 2 mil on the job if it's your first time doing it so that's good but all I have to say for this is just don't buy the game
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Author Tina_Plays
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