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H1Z1: King of the Kill (B2P)
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H1Z1 Review good or bad

so H1Z1, ah this game is so bad yet so good, it was addicting i can tell you that, the developers however have sorta in a way let the game and community down. they still continue to work on the game although they choose to work on the wrong aspects of the game, instead of fixing major bugs and glitches in the game the developers tend to... you know... wanna make money, and im fine with that, but there is a time when that is alright and a time where effort should be placed elsewhere. So the developers are continually trying to make money by putting effort into making decals for the game (skins) instead of actually fixing some of the game breaking bugs and glitches. there are many many many annoying bugs and glitches within the game that need to be fixed but the developers are to lazy to do it.
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and im not saying that i could do any better, im just saying if i were them i would put more effort in to actually trying to fix the game instead of putting effort in to creating new skins that have no affect on the actual game play at all. So on to some of the game breaking bugs that happen to everyone at least once when playing H1Z1. The glitch were you parachute in and just as you are about to land, you keep on plummeting to the abyss that is nothing underneath the map. now i dont know if this bug has been fixed (as i have not played H1Z1 in maybe well over 2 or 3 months, i intend to go back and play the game again) but i can easily say this was one of the most frustrating bugs in the game.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
it would mean you were behind everyone as you wouldn't be able to pick up any items or weapons in game and you would have to wait for your character to re spawn back on top of the map before you were able to move around and gather items and weapons. this meant that if you spawned back up and you ran into a player you had no gun no helmet no armor or ammo and you were dead. the community is pretty toxic but there are some good people as well, best thing is when you get a kill and the bloke you killed says in voice chat "yeah GG man" "GG man" "good luck" that is always the best feeling when someone is humble towards you even though they lost and have to queue up for another 10 minutes to wait for a game. All in all H1Z1 is a good time, its extremely fun especially with friends but it can also be extremely annoying, all in all i rate the game 8/10.
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Author sadboy_papi
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