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Kingdom Come Deliverance - What To Expect

One of my friends told me about Kingdom Come Deliverance about 2 years ago and I wasn’t a good fan of it. The gameplays in alpha version were boring. Even the animations were bad when comparing it with other games released that year. But it has been developed and improved since late 2014 and it’s set to be released in 13th February. Now I have to admit, the project is a huge success. Gameplays, storyline, world and of cause the in game AI system is fantastic. The game has been developing for almost 9 years (since 2009) it’s really the best medieval sandbox game so far. I believed we have to expect games like this from Bethesda, but the winner is Warhorse Studios. Thumbs up to Warhorse Studios. 👍
Kingdome Come Deliverance is a sandbox game. If you don’t know what a sandbox game is, simply it’s an open world free roaming game. You can interact with and explore the entire world where your reputation matters. Like in GTA V, Skyrim and Red Dead Redemption. In Kingdom Come Deliverance sandbox gaming is taken to the next level. It’s based on a true story took placed in 1403, in the Kingdom of Bohemia (now Czech Republic). It’s the story between weak-willed king Wenceslaus IV and his half-brother King Sigismund. Where you are just only a son of a blacksmith.
So what to expect in the upcoming Kingdom Come Deliverance?
The true-level sandbox gaming plus massive open world. You can interact with most of the elements in the massive open world. Fully AI driven NPCs (Non Player Characters) and AI animals. Open world is so big because developers have designed it with true distances. So you can’t travel between a dungeon and a village in 3 hops. That’s what I called realistic level designing. There are villages, castles, forests and everything you can expect from medieval time. There are real world towns and settlements like Stříbrná Skalice, Světlá nad Sázavou, Talmberk Castle, and Samopše.
A better reputation system. Not that shi**y karma system in Fallout 3. That means if you did a crime without getting caught, it doesn’t affect your reputation. Yeah, boo Fallout 3! However the reputation system is much more life-like. If you are a stranger to the town and suddenly everything goes missing and people get murdered after your arrival, people going to suspect you. Missing one apple and a loaf of bread not going to increase people’s attention. But if you stole people’s jewelries or a full crate of apples, people will be in more alert. If someone got murdered, they will carry weapons. If someone saw you doing a crime, you can neutralize the target before he or she alert the guards. That won’t affect your reputation. There’s two reputation systems. You can have two characteristics in two villages. You have reputation systems for each village, settlement or town. Those reputation systems affect your base reputation according their area. In other words your reputation in the current village you live affects neighboring villages. If you burn down an entire village and travel to the neighboring village they will suspect you. It’s actually fantastic.
A better combat and armor system. Fighting in KCD is really hard. It’s like playing a chess game. A single wrong move will cause you to death. Low on health and someone already chasing you with a sword to kill you? Doesn’t matter. Run to your allies or a village with good reputation. Guards will help you. Armors don’t increase your health. But they decrease the damage you take from fights. A chest plate won’t protect your arms. Weapons does damage with physics. Total damage you deal is based on you and your enemy’s movement, how hard you hit, which weapon you are using on enemy’s armor. Swords will stick into bellies without armors easily while an axe will be more ideal against a knight because it can pierce though knight’s armor. You have to be wise when fighting. You can’t kill someone by pressing a button hard. If you wear a knight’s helmet, you can see only through its eyeholes. A highly worn or damaged armor gives less protection. Blood, dirt, mud, water affects your clothing. So being nice with a villager wearing an armor with blood, not a good idea. When you die, game restarts from the last checkpoint, it’s not GTA. How you can save in the game is really interesting. You have to drink an alcoholic drink to save the game. Let’s hope those drinks are cheap. There’s no magic bullshit.
There’s a jail system. You can simulate the jail time faster or you can bribe guards to escape. Remember dialogues happens in a tree/ branch system. Your every replies has its own consequences. Every decision you make affects the entire game. If you start a quest with your allies and later you decided to go somewhere else, your allies won’t wait for you. They will complete the quest or die with or without you. You need to eat and sleep to stay healthy. Game actually advances while you sleep. So don’t miss a battle while sleeping. The AI system is so good. Even your horse has its own AI system.
The game is going to be released in less than 3 weeks. It’s available on steam to preorder. I think it’s really a good game. I promise this game is going to be your best medieval single player experience. There’s tons of gameplay videos available on YouTube. Why I love this game really is you are not a highly honored knight or a person with bad-ass magic abilities or a very important character to the story line. You are just a son of a blacksmith. And of cause the stunning graphics.
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