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Lady Popular Review - A review of the game

Hi, today I will be reviewing the free to play game Lady Popular. The game is mainly targeted towards girls and allows the player to create their own character from a handful of different face and hair options. Throughout the game, players can collect a variety of clothing options in various ways, including a free dress for confirming their account, that allows the player to be able to further express their creativity and fashion sense. The website url "" of the game is simple and easy to remember as it is so short.The game features a simple and easy to understand tutorial to allow the player to easily learn how to play the game. I only played the game for a small amount of time so the following review will merely be my first impressions of the game. Please enjoy my following review that I have written.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
One negative to the game is that it features an energy system, where the player starts off with 10 energy, that limits the amount of times the player can actually play the game. The energy system is typical of many free to play games and is unfortunately becoming more and more popular. However, I believe young girls, as the target audience, will not be deterred by this and will still enjoy the game with its bright colours and variety of clothing options. I, however, will not play the game further because of this. The game is an online game allowing people to interact with other online players and view other fashion designs and combinations boasted by other player. This may be helpful to know for parents that are looking for a game their young children can play but want to avoid any online games with interactions between other players.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The game appeals to its target audience well through the use of bright colours and fun sounds. My younger sister enjoyed the game much more than me so younger girls are likely to enjoy the game and play it more. At the end of the day, the game is free to play so I imagine many will get enjoyment out of the game and if not, the free pricetag will ensure no one leaves feeling they have been ripped off or scammed. Furthermore, one minor criticism of the game that I have is the name. LadyPopular does not really tell the player what the game is or what it is about and may make it difficult for people to come across the game naturally without being told what to search for. In conclusion, the game will certainly attract and please its target audience who will likely just want to quickly kill some time on the internet with a quick fashion game,

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