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Enchanting in Minecraft

One of my favorite parts of Minecraft is being able to enchant your swords, pickaxe, bow, and other tools and armor. To be able to enchant, you will need an enchantment table which is made of four obsidian blocks in an upside down T, two diamonds opposite of each other, and a book on top. A book is crafted with leather and paper and also can be found in libraries. Diamonds are obviously mined with a iron pickaxe, usually near lava in lower elevations, and obsidian can only be mined with a diamond pickaxe from pouring water over still lava. In to use the enchantment table, you need your item that you want to enchant, lapis lazuli, and levels. Levels can be gained from killing mobs, experience splash bottles, or mining redstone and coal. Lapis lazuli are found in caves and a single block os lapis ore will drop around 4-8 pieces.
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Another way to recieve enchanted items is from killing mobs holding enchanted items. For example, if a skeleton is wearing an enchanted helmet, you have a chance of getting it when the skeleton is killed. Fishing is very useful as you can find enchanted items this way as well. You can also trade with villagers with emeralds for enchanted items. There are many, many enchantment, but i am just going to explain the more common ones. Bane of arthropods, usually found in a sword, will do more damage to arthropods(spiders). Most people will get frustrated when they get this enchantment, it is not very good. Blast protection, usually on armor, protects more against explosions. Efficieny, usually found on pickaxes, makes you mine faster. Feather falling are found on boots and it reduces your fall damage.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Fire aspect, on weapons, sets your target on fire when you hit them. Fortune is a very useful enchantment on a tool because it increases drops in blocks. This makes collecting resources go faster and easier, especially with the rarer diamonds. Infinity on a bow makes it have unlimited arrows, very useful. Knockback on weapons is pretty self explanatory, more knockback. Looting usually found on weapons means you get more loot when you kill mobs. Power on a bow means the arrow does more damage. Projectile protection is more protection from projectiles like arrows. Protection on your armor is useful because it reduces general damage. Sharpness is a very common enchantment found on swords and it increases damage. Silk touch is an interesting enchant because it makes blocks drop themselves. For example, you can only get ice in block from from a pickaxe with silk touch.
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