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Game of the Decade - Minecraft

You have probably heard of a game called Minecraft in your lifetime, unless you live under a rock. Minecraft is a game where you spawn in a world of blocks and creatures and you can build whatever you want. There are two basic modes which are survival and creative. In survival, you try and survive by using the resources around you to fight monsters and to build your house. It is a pretty simple concept and playing with your friends on the same server can make survival easier and much more enjoyable. You have a certain number of lives and hunger and you only heal if your hunger bar is full. You lose lives my taking fall damage, burning in fire or lava, getting attacked by monsters, suffocating, and many more other possible ways. Personally, I like playing in survival, just because it is more challenging.
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The next game mode is creative. Here, you already get all the blocks in the game, which there are hundreds. Blocks range from diamond to stone brick to redstone. There are so many ways and different designs you can make in this world. Hence the name creative. There are also many tools and weapons like bows or swords and you can add enchantments to them to make them more powerful .You can also do this in survival but it is harder, just like everything else. In creative you can also fly, which is a way faster way to travel than walking or sprinting. There are many different biomes in which you can find different types of trees and animals. You can fly over different biomes in seconds, compared to walking, which will take you around 5-10 minutes. This makes it easy to find the ideal spot o build your perfect castle, treehouse, or whatever you are trying to contruct.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
In survival, you can enter another world called the nether, which is kind of like the underworld if you think about it. In the nether, there are monsters only unique to that world and they are harder to kill as much of the nether is covered in netheract, soul sand, and alot of lava. Some times you can find a nether fortress. Also, there are many items only found in the nether such as glowstone or blaze rods. The nether makes it more interesting for players to explore. You can also find villages in your world, in which you can trade with. Desert pyramids can also appear and usually they are booby trapped, which make them very dangerous. You can recieve and use spells, which have capabilities ranging from healing, high jumping, speed, harming, and more. These spells make the witches very powerful and hard to kill.
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