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Minecraft - A Review

This game can be played both as a singleplayer or multiplayer. Once you spawn into a singleplayer world, hundreds of opportunities open up to you. From punching trees, all the way to killing the Ender Dragon, the journey to defeat the game is both exciting and entertaining. Build a house as soon as possible and be prepared for the oncoming night. At night time, monsters will spawn. These can include, zombies, skeletons (watch out for their arrows!) and spiders. Mine to get precious ores and upgrade your gear. As you progress through the game more opportunities open up to you. Build a Nether portal out of obsidian and light it with flint and steel to explore the fiery and dangerous Nether regions! You will be met by flying Ghasts and Blazes which will shoot fireballs at you and don't hit the Zombie Pigmen!
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Multiplayer games are huge in Minecraft, with thousands of servers to choose from and an endless array of minigames to play. A few popular servers are Hypixel and Mineplex. These servers all contain different minigames with their own indivudual twists and turns. In Survival Games, you loot chests hidden around a map to get gear. Kill other players and be the last one standing! Another fun minigame is BedWars. You gain tokens from generators which occasionally drop them. Use these tokens to get better gear. You bed is the most important thing. Protect it from other players and destroy other player's bed. If your bed is destroyed, you cannot respawn anymore, so if you die you will be out of the game. This minigame can be played on Hypixel. Have fun, play games and make new friends, the possibilities are endless!
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
My Opinion and Comments on the Game-
The game was fun and enticing, but singleplayer did get boring after some time. Multiplayer was very fun. The huge variety of games and servers to choose from pulled me back into the game the second I started to feel bored. The graphics and aesthetic appeal of the game is not for everyone. The chunky, blocky and pixelated view of the blocks and items seemed very simple, but unique. The world looked like something only Minecraft could offer and instantly recognisable. Playing the game as a beginner or after a long time can be tricky too. You would have to constantly look up the crafting recipes of various tools, blocks and items you would like to craft, but it was not too long before I remembered some of the items that I had to craft. Overall, Minecraft is a very good game and I would recommend it.
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