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Minecraft as a business

Hello everybody, I'm relampagorojo93 here at Bananatic Bananapedia and I'm going to tell you how to use MineCraft as a business. There are two methods, from the legal form, and the illegal form. In the illegal form, obviously, you can scam. On the legal form, there are two methods, and these two methods follow some rules.

-{Owner of a MineCraft server}-
You can create a MineCraft network where all people can have fun. Some players would donate to your server, but there are some rules. If you include payment products, you should now this two things:
1.- You can't add to the product things that will make a player more stronger or make the work of a player more easier with your products.
2.- You can't use the money for your own things, this money is destinated only for the server.
But sure, you want to get money with this no? The only way to win money creating servers is making donations. Put in your store a donation product, and telling that it's destinated for the staff, as a reward for their great work creating the network.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
-{Plugin Developer}-
People like me make plugins for MineCraft servers. Plugins like WorldEdit, Residence, WorldGuard, Essentials... But there are some plugins that were created to be sold, called premium plugins. This plugins are original, nobody made them, and have a good performance in the servers. Plugins like that can be sold for a lot of money. An example?


This plugin makes interactive boards using signs. This plugin can be used to use less signs in a information board, like a board about the rules, making them a compact interactive boards that have got all the rules on three signs, or one if you want. Also this plugin is individual for all the players, everybody see his own selections.

This type of plugins is originals, plugins that nobody thought about make them. Originally, this plugin was about 5$, but I decided to put it a little bit less. Think about that, only for creating things like that, that are simple but originals, and can be sold for this price on every sell. Also you can try to make them by learning from videos about plugin development. It seems difficult, but it's more easier than we think.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Using these tips, you can choose what you want to use with MineCraft to make it as a business. You'll need time to get what you want, all the servers needed time to grow and be better than other servers. And if you are going to choose the plugin development, find tutorials on YouTube, learn how to develop, but first, learn the basic things of java, and after all that, talk to every owner you see, try to tell them about become their developer, and work creating new plugins. You'll acquire experience, also, some owners will give you total control to their projects, to sell them or public them as a public plugin, like SignSelector, it wasn't my idea, it was the idea of the owner for who I'm working. If you work and learn about development, you'll get a lot of things, from money for the things you need, to people who will respect you for your great work.
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