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OnePiece 2 - Pirate Kings
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Be the King of the Pirates in One Piece

One Piece 2 Pirate Kings is one of many games of the One Piece saga, One Piece 2 Pirate Kings is a great game. You can create your own character and join the crew of "Mugiwara" and be part of the main events from the series One Piece.

The first thing we do to start our adventure in One Piece 2 Pirate Kings is to select our character among different options.

From the beginning, we can see that One Piece 2 Pirate Kings has a high-quality character design and unlike many games that are of this same style. One Piece 2 Pirate Kings has 2D graphics for battlefields

The animations of the abilities are very well done and the system of companions is really balanced, One Piece 2 Pirate Kings is a quite extensive game since it includes characters from the first that appeared in the series of One Piece until those that appear in the chapters newer.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
But unfortunately, the soundtrack of the game is not something that benefits it, since the soundtrack of the original series “One Piece" is very good, the soundtrack from One Piece 2 Pirate Kings is not very good in comparison to the original one

Like many other games that are to play in our web browsers One Piece 2 Pirate Kings allows us to select characters to help us in each battle and some characters can only be enlisted if we complete special missions

I think One Piece 2 Pirate Kings is a good MMORPG style game and is very fun to play.
While playing One Piece 2 Pirate Kings one of the things that caught my attention is that this game has a PVP option, to fight against other players.

Usually, many of these games do not have that option. In addition, this game also gives the option to play in PVE areas.

One of the aspects that would change to this game is to have an option to enable and disable the option of automatic battles, that unfortunately is always activated in battle
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Unfortunately, One Piece 2 Pirate Kings have many rivals since there is a lot of game like this one, although there are many games very similar to One Piece 2 Pirate Kings.

This game is one of the best, as it makes a perfect combination of the history of One Piece along with a very good character design, the only thing that would lack improvement is its soundtrack which is not very good quality compared to The quality of character designs and battlefields.

Personally, I recommend giving One Piece 2 Pirate Kings a chance and play it a couple of times, even if you are not a fan of the anime series, this game may come to like you.

I also recommend playing One Piece 2 Pirate Kings at People who do not play this style of games, because despite not having graphics similar to games from Playstation 4, One Piece 2 Pirate Kings is a great game.
5.0 (1)
Author sarada1122
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