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Rail Nation: Part 4 of Dippy's Guide

This guide is not an exact way to play the game, but a collection of ideas and opinions from players who has played Train Nation. It might contain mistakes that can has a negative effect on your game. Under the different topics you will find references that take you back and fro through the guide on different criteria on a specific subject. The objective of this guide is to give you general ideas on how to improve your gaming skills. Rail Nation is an online strategy railway-game where gamers can start their own railway company. Rail Nation can be played free in all common browsers. Gamers compete in real time for 3 months through 6 different eras against other players all over the world to become the winner of the server. The sole player or group of players in an association with the most points win by investing in industries, upgrade station buildings and deliver needed goods to the city. Associations, friendly and rivals, have to work in harmony to deliver the goods in demand for their city to thrive and grow quick. At a small amount of cash, gamers can get a premium account to benefit from all sorts of different amenities. Rail Nation has many surprising aspects to determine which route your game will take you. This guide will give you advice on how avoid common mistakes, tips on how you to invest correctly and which engines to prefer.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
When the server starts at Era 1, you will have the option to transport grain, coal and wood to your city. If you are not familiar with the game, do the tutorial tasks given by the conductor, L. Smith. If you choose to skip this tutorial, all the tasks given will be completed immediately. It is strongly recommended that you finish the tasks to get familiar with the game. Start by connecting each of the 3 closest different industries to the city. These 3 initial routes will be the foundation of your income. Try to invest in your station at every chance. Upgrade the Laboratory to speed up the rate of research points. Engines and waggons are your means of income. The more engines you own, the higher your hourly income will be. This makes the Engine house the most valued building in the Station area. If possible don't sell wagons as you will need them for the end game.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The game has 6 eras which is divided into the developing stages of the history of the railroad. Wagons get more expensive with each era. You will only be able to haul the previous Era's goods until the coupling is fitted to the engine of the older engine types : more in in Laboratory

Tip: At the break of the new era, keep your bank account filled to the brim. You want to buy the new engines and wagons of the next Era to haul the new goods and lay down new routes.

At the start of every new era, your Engine house's level is raised to buy more engines.To buy extra engines, you have to upgrade your engine house or sell your older engines. You do not loose your current engines and wagons when entering the New Era, but you have to research the coupling to connect the new era's wagons with the previous era's Engines
A new tree become available to research more modern engines that become available after you had research them.
Your Avatar has new items to update your profile picture with the modern time of the new era.
At the end of era 6 the End game starts and the top 10 cities will start developing mega cities.
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