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Reigns mobile review, is this game worth it?

Reigns is a popular game for mobile that costs a few pounds that reflects life as a monarch in the olden days. However the twist is until a curse is broken your spirit cannot move on, you are forced to be reincarnated as a king until the end of time of the curse is broken. The mechanics of the game work very much like tinder where you swipe with your hand left or right according to what response you wish to take. There are many ways your can pass onto the next life and we can see these in a little collection area in the app. I would recommend this game for anyone who I around 10 or older as it is not that dark and easy enough to understand; however I feel a slightly older demographic will be able to appreciate it more. However while the mechanics are easy enough to understand it does not mean that completing the game is so simple. Personally it took me multiple tries to complete the game as it is very easy to forget small details that prove vital to breaking the curse and completing the game.

This is one of the pros of this game truly, the amount of variety in characters, options and deaths is truly fascinating; it is interesting also to see the difficulty of a royal monarch trying to balance the nations finances, army size as well as approval from the church and the people of the kingdom. This is truly a good example of a history game that toes the line of fantasy and historical accuracy and manages to ace this niche perfectly. The graphics of the game are very geometric and blocky yet still very lovable in a weird and unique way. As for the soundtrack there is very little diversity in the amount of themes in the game but the few they're are is truly astounding and really brings all the elements of this game together and provide a mystic medieval feel. The characters in this game are truly lovable which helps provide to the diversity as many of them are fleshed out, however there are also a few characters i feel could deserve a bit more card time if you will as they are quite interesting.

It is also very much a interesting and relevant add-on that your decisions can have consequences for many years. This can either benefit, detriment or simply just change the way the player makes choices for a certain amount of time. This game also quite relevant to real life as many characters in the game have ulterior motives of their own, some may even wishing to cause you harm. This you see in some deaths which teach you to not make the same choices again with that character. However you cannot even overly appease the people as even reaching the top of the approval bars can get you killed. Speaking of this draws into a new topic of the monitors at the top of the card screens. These I find a bit stressful but very much useful, as without them I feel the game would be very difficult to survive let alone complete. To conclude reigns is a fun and fantastical history game. It allows you to see the difficulties of being a royal and having to balance a court and kingdom. I would highly recommend this game.

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