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My favorite game is Roblox!

Roblox is a fun game when you play with friends, i played this game a lot before i write review, In this game you can play Roleplay,Horror games,Simulators and etc. My favorite game was I Call it RP Game JailBreak i recommend play this game with friends because with friends its a lot of fun and maybe if you are prisoner and your friend is cop so its a lot of fun you try to escape he tries to catch you and tie you. I recommend you play roblox with friends or alone its very fun you can find friends too in roblox! Try this game. This game hasn't got achieviements sadly. But dont be sad games is not created to get achieviements and quit game no this game is not like this you get all achieviements and you getting boring you play all games people is creating games, these games is creating by people not admins! Of course some games is created by admins but its so less like every game is created by people.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Jailbreak- it was my first game and i didnt had any idea what i can do in jailbreak in real life people in jailbreak is sitting and waiting until they will get free but in this game you try to escape, you can escape by finding a good cop and he just free you to free, try to steal from police behind keycard and then escape from doors but its hard, third way is kill a cop and get him keycard this is hardest but you can do it, when you escaped from jail you can help your teammates and make them escape from jail too if you new to this game, go to special house and you will find guns whose will help you to help your taemmates escape the jail, dont go to jail on feet find the spawn button to spawn your car and drive to jail, but if you will fail and you will get tied by cop you will get to jail and you will need to escape again.!
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Second game was survivor this game it's adventure game in this game will be 2-4teams and people in teams people will be chosed by caiptains this game is fun with friends and if you in one team because when you will do quests it will be more fun! In this game the lost team will need to kick 1people from the team it's very hard to decide who need to get kicked, its very bad when you get kicked! When you getting kicked you being so sad and like me first time i played this game and didn't understand what i need to do and because me my team lost and decided to kick me i was so sad because i didn't understand and i left this game but i didn't gived up i backed to game and tryed to learn how to play this game i learn how to play this game in 15minutes, this game has quests like first team score 10points, or first team knocked out from stage like this. Try this game it will be fun! This is all Thank you for reading my review! Cya.
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Author HeRo1232
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