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My 'so far' Journey on Roblox

Just recently played Roblox for a couple of days now and I seem to like Roblox. There are so many genres a player can choose from; each of which with different and multiple servers for one game. That is how there can be over 1000 players on one game. The most-played games would be tycoon-themed or multiplayer-themed. So far, I have played ten games so far. As someone who plays Roblox solo, I find tycoon games to be more exciting because I get to play the game at my own pace. Unlike the multiplayer-themed games, tycoon games does not give any frustration since the game revolves around only the player, which is nice since the player may not like the crowded environment. Whether it's a crowed game or small game make the fun out of the game. One will never know when they will find a friend in the current game they are in.
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However, some games can get boring if there's no friends to play with on servers which have lots of players. Take Prison Royale for example. This game can be played solo, or with friends. If there are friends have some sort of communication like Discord, Skype, Curse, Twitch, etc., then they can have a better chance to fool around and work together unlike solo players. This is why I would not want to take a chance on these multiplayer-themed games for I would be considered a regular versus an VIP, experienced player or group of friends. The chances of winning against an VIP, experienced player, or group of friends would be slim since you, the player, is starting off fresh with little or no equipment. However, the tides would be different if you, the player, were to be an VIP who can just purchase equipment right off the bat. In my opinion, you would then have to gain experience to win.
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Nonetheless, tycoons can be a genre for players who want to be alone. My personal favorite tycoon game, as of now, would be Restaurant Tycoon. In that game a player builds their restaurant while purchasing restaurant-related furniture at 'EKEA'. Furniture ranges from kitchen counters to decorations to entertainment to stands for 5+ drinks. A player then can only pick up the check and wonderful tip as the hired workers cook the delicious food, take orders from the respected customers, and clean up the finished plates. There's a slow start and income does not come fast. Tycoon-themed games can be time consuming, but that does not matter if the game is fun, exciting, and strategic. Those are the qualities I found in Restaurant Tycoon; however, it is not at its final form, it's still updating and currently in Beta. Until then, I'll keep ya'll posted.
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