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Roblox: Great Game that made my Childhood Better

Let me start by saying, I played this game when I was younger, like a crazy amount. I would come home from school and waste hours a day on many of the games that you can choose from. So, when I went into the game I had high hopes. I had such high hopes because young me would've loved it for some reason, right? Well, that's exactly what it is, for younger children, which I am not. A younger child would find this entertaining for many reasons; get to play with other people, make some friends, beat other people, troll them, get to spend time away from problems. These are all good things for children who can waste time of their day, unlike elder people who have things to do. I honestly liked these games when I was younger for valid reasons, now it would just be a waste of time for me. But, who knows, you could have free time to spare. But be weary, some of the games can get addictive, fast.
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My favourite game when I was younger was "Prison Break". I honestly don't know why I enjoyed the game, I've had a deep fear of prison for as long as I can remember. But that is what it is for most games, they all have an addictive sense to it. Obviously, I was the troll of prison escape, the one who was packed with mega guns that could kill people in one shot. Then those said people would get angry and there would be a brawl. Of course, every time I would come out victorious. I think that's why i enjoyed it. The sense of power in a game like that, a sense of control. Even though I didn't know of it at the time, looking back that is defiantly the reason why I loved it so much. But obviously that game isn't the only game that I loved playing. I also, like "Hide and Seek". I never enjoyed that game when hiding, Only when seeking. Probably for the same reason as Prison Escape, having the sense of control.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
As my final point I bring it back to some parts of my first paragraph. Friends. I used to play this game with my best friend and after a while it was the only similarity between us. We grew further apart but still went back to the game. So, I owe a lot to it. Even though it isn't recommended to makes friends online, I also made a couple of friends through Roblox and are still in contact with them. After many many years of not playing it. These people were kind and funny, and we used to chat a lot over the phone. It's crazy to think that this free online game, would have a big impact on someones life, and even though its in the past I'm still glad it happened. I don't regret one second that I spent playing that game. I owe it to that game that I had a memorable childhood and in some strange way it changed me as a person. Probably because I spent so much time on it and it was my favourite thing to do. It's strange how a small game can affect someones life so much.
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