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SAO's Legend is a Must

This is truly a gem and a must try for any gamer. Not only is it worth a pretty good amount of bananas but also is a really great game. I found that I really enjoyed this game and i'll continue playing even after I complete all the quests. The quests themselves are very simple. Just play the game and level up. Once you reach level 50+ it becomes much harder to level, I suggest doing raids with friends or exp farming in the various dungeons available in the challenge section. Grinding bosses and dungeons is key to this game, so hop on it with some friends for an amazing time. Being a browser game makes no download required, even so it runs very smoothly. *BE CAREFUL* Make sure to bookmark your server though because changing servers may reset your data. This happened to me but it was early on so it wasn't too bad. If you bookmark a server your data will auto save.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The game is full of friendly players and a great community to interact with. Great place to even meet new people and adventure with. The leveling system is very unique and there are a multitude of different routes you can for full freedom of customization. Features such as upgrading your mount which gets you around from point to point much faster, to wings which boosts your abilities. You even have a partner {Girlfriend] that you can activate that will help you through quests. Join one of three different Guilds; {Sleeping Knights} this is what I picked and this is filled with elves which i found appropriate for my character. {Laughing Coffin} The PK guild, no one likes laughing coffin. I would not join them unless you wish to be evil. {Knights of The Blood} This is the guild that you find Asuna and Kirito in, the biggest and strongest guild in SAO.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
I love to fight in the Arena where you can challenge other players in a ranked system. Try and climb to the top and be the best, represent your guild and push for the greatest rewards. Also there's guild events hosted by your leaders which aren't too often but are really fun when they do happen. There is an Auto-Battle feature where you can farm mobs if you wish to level while your sleeping or out and about. The story-line is also a key quality to this game, you can skip the dialogue but if you want a good story along with the game play, give it a read.

Overall this game is my top pick on bananatic, found this game greatly enjoyable. What are you waiting for? Go check it out!

Thank you all for reading my article and I hope you enjoyed! (^o^)/

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Author Gaven213
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