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Minecraft Guide to Ender Dragon

Minecraft is one of the games out there that even a nongamer can enjoy and recognize it . It was created originaly by Noch but now it is Mojang's. One of the reasons this is a awesome game is because , Minecraft has a simple concept, a infinite world full of opportunities and fun but it can be pretty dificult for a first timer . First , if you ever played minecraft you know there are two mods of enjoying the game: "Survival" and "Creative". A vague description of the two is : Survival, a mode about surviving in a world where you can die in many ways, need to get food and materials so you can kill the Ender Dragon , on the other hand Creative is a mode where you are a god in your world and where you have every material at your disposal and you can build any thing that you can think of .

Ok so let's get back to the survivla but keep in mind that this is not a full tutorial of minecraft and everything you can do in ti so , with all that said le's keep going to the Survival first and then to the Creative .

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Let's get back to Survival and analyse it more : you start in a normal world , an infinite world and a random world. First you need to get materials like wood , stone and craft yourself tools . Then you need to get food , a bed for night or a shelter because at night monsters spawn and they are hostile towards you . If you are more andvance you can get out and fight the but if not then start to practice. ( The monsters vary and they are in the overworld : normal zombies; skeletons with a bow and arrow ; the iconic Creeper that blows you up and anyting around when it explodes ; big spiders that can or can not be hostile ; baby zombies that are a lot faster than a normal one and a lot annoying ; zombie villigers ; phantoms that come afther you if you don't sleep and last the enderman that teleports ;it is not hostile until you look him in the eyes or attack him and many more . In nether : gast that blasts fire balls at you and zombie pigman that are not hostile until you attack them .) Afther you get materials , food and a shelter or a house you need to get to mine so you can get better armour and tools (keep in mind that gold is the worst armour and tool ore, but you can use it to something else) . If you find diamonds you are lucky but don't mine it of you don't have a iron pickaxe . Get more diamonds and get obsidian and flint and steel so you can go to The Nether .

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Get in but be prepared because it is verry dangerous . Find blaze rods and get out with 10 or so . Afther you need to find a lot of endermans so you can get their eyes and craft Eye of Ender. Afther that if you are reddy you can find the Ender Portal . Just throu them arround and follow them until they don't move anymore and dig down but BE CAREFUL TO DON'T GO IN LAVA . Get to a room with a big portal in it and place the eye of ender in the empty spaces . Afther that if you really are prepared you cand go in and fight the Ender Dragon. In the fight you need to destroy the thing above the obsidian towers so the dragon does't regenerate anymore . Afther that he will get on the small tower of bedrock , and then you can damage her . Afther the HP drops to 0 you Won and you finished MINECRAFT , congratulations !! But it is not over yet. You still have a lot to do so be carefull.

Now Creative : you start with infinite health , the ability to fly and any material or armoor or tool or anything in game in your invertory so you can build anything .

This is MINECRAFT a simple concept and infinite fun.

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