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Tanki Online an action packed MMO

Tanki Online is a third person action packed MMO with a wide range of tank hulls and turrets to chose from which can be upgraded to be stronger and withstand more enemy fire, the fun is almost never ending. Hulls range from light, medium to heavy each comes with its very own special ability called "Overdrive". Turrets which are the main weapon of the tank are unique and each turret supports different play styles, some turrets are best at far ranges while other turrets are well apt for close quarters. The controls for Tanki Online are just like any other game with "W, A , S and D" keys for movement, the mouse for taking aim at enemies and "Right mouse button" to let loose a round that will put a dent into the enemies' armor. All players begin as recruits but as they play more battles and begin to level up they get access to more customizations, hulls and turrets. The higher the level the more skilled players you will come up against and so the player need to utilize their own skill and tactics to overcome these factors.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Fight against real players from around the globe in action-packed battles on immersive maps in multiple game modes in which strategy and skill comes in. Tanki Online’s gameplay is based on seven exciting game modes. The first game mode is Death Match where players fight each other in an explosive free for all . The second game mode is Team Death Match which see to it that players work together to go on a head-on clash with any enemy team in which the team with most kills emerge victorious . Third, there is Capture-the-Point, where teams secure or neutralize control points,the team with the most points at the end of the round takes home the victory. In fourth there’s Capture-the-Flag, a mode where players defend against the opposing team from stealing their flag while also trying to capture the enemies' flag. The fifth game mode in Tanki Online is Assault, in this mode player on the red team need to deliver a flag into the blue base in which the blue team would be defending from incoming enemies. Juggernaut is a mode where both teams try to defend their juggernaut while trying to destroy the enemy team's juggernaut the team with the most juggernaut kills win the match. Siege, the final mode, is based upon defending and taking control points from enemies until it is captured and then move on to a next point, the team with the most captures take home the win.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

As you progress by ranking up you unlock customizations for your tank like coats and power ups which can give you an edge over the competition. Drones which can be bought in the garage can gives your tank buffs which as well as Protection which can reduce damage done by specific turret types and can turn you tank into a mobile fortress of destruction.

By completing matches and challenges, crystals can be used to upgrade each cannon and hull which increase their stats in specific areas. Cannons with slower firing rates, or deal little damage when in certain distances than others; crystals can be used too beef up the areas where your preferred turret lacks, or evermore increase the effectiveness of the specialization your cannon already has. As mentioned before In the garage power ups in the form of "supplies" can be purchased; repair kits can help you out of a jam when your tank has been devastated by enemy tanks by using this power up you tank slowly regenerates armor, speed boost drastically increase the speed of your tank enabling you to maneuver around enemies and work well with light tank hulls, mine can be dropped at strategic places such as around corners or on capture point or flags to easily decimate enemy tank that dare to pass over them, the double damage power up allows the tank turret to double the amount of damage to enemies while similarly the double armor power up allows the tank to have double the amount of armor which enables the tank to take more hits from enemies. The battery power up allows fora drone, mentioned earlier, to be powered for one minute in battle. Lastly, the gold box which is a special power which drops at a random location of the map, it contains crystals which some players opt to go for than defend a point.

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