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Team Fortress 2
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my opinion on how i play top 3 classes in the game

To start off here is my view on how i play solider i commonly use the stock rocket launcher reskined as show below but i do tend to use other rocket launchers as well and when i do i commonly use the buff banner concherer or battalions back up.
Why i use the buff banner as my main i'm more a player who wants to do more damage towards enemy's and assist my team mates and i usually tend to use this combo on both casual gameplay or Mann vs machine while also using the disciplinary action melee weapon to help my team mates move faster towards where they need to go.
But if you don't want to use the 3 weapons mentioned you can use a shotgun for close range combat or a parachute if you wanna catch enemy's off guard including snipers or use gunboats and manntreads to reduce the damage when falling.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
This is my top class Demoman he is my absolute favourite the reason why is because i like to place his sticky bombs everywhere or in places that people don't look at to catch them off guard i can do this sticky bomb launcher like the shown below or a weapon called Scottish resistance where it fires 14 stickies instead of 8 like the stock one does and i like his grande launcher especially when you fire randomly and get random target killed that goes all grenade launcher that demo has while also having a wide range of melee weapons as he is known as the officiant class in melee combat.
If you don't like it that way with stickybomb launchers you use shields to increase the way you want to do melee combat with any of the following melee weapons including swords all with there specific stats for melee weapon or shield.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The last mention is a class called engineer just like the other 2 he as well is my favourite because i like supporting team mates while also being the last line of defense and i'm used to using the level 3 sentry gun while also having a range a weapons like rescue ranger shooting my sentry with power from long range or frontier justice providing powerful crit shots up to 35 shots maximum with either a pistol or a wrangler which you can automatically take of control of your sentry gun and have range of wrenches for melee or rebuilding you buildings from sentry's dispensers or teleporters and if you don't want that you can use the gunslinger a mini version of the sentry gun that deploys quicker and costs less metal then normal sentry gun would cost and use a metal hand to use a melee weapon in combat or use to repair your buildings.
P.S game is free on steam i would really recommend this game 10/10
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Author Sir_Harris96
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