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Team Fortress 2
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Team Fortress 2 - Good & Bad

Team Fortress 2, one of the many popular games created by Valve. Team Fortress 2 is a First-Person shooter styled game with many features. It's based around war against the BLU team (Builders League United) and RED team (Reliable Excavation Demolition), each competing against each other to become the best.

But, instead of just going to war against the opposite team, you can also play other game modes in the "Community Servers" Tab, granting you access to many user-created servers with their own plugins. You could play game modes like: Class wars (1 class is chosen for the whole team and they fight against the other team with the same or a different class), Zombie Survival (Fight and Survive as a team or alone in a zombie-infested world), Surf (A source engine mechanic that allows you to get to point A to point B faster by going on slopes, pretty hard to explain and master), Jailbreak (You can be the prisoner or warden, either following rules or trying to escape as a prisoner, or making sure prisoners follow rules and kill them if they don't as a warden).
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The best thing about it is not only the fact that there are countless game modes and community servers to play on, but there's also different weapon drops and weapon skins for each of the 9 classes. Getting new weapons to use for multiplayer or single-player could affect your game play and the way you move.

But, weapons aren't the only things that are popular these days in Team Fortress 2, because Team Fortress 2 also has one of the biggest virtual collections of hats that you can customize your character with so you can show it off to your friends and strangers online. The game has so many hats, that Valve themselves referrers their game to "America's #1 war hat themed simulator"
There are currently 1289 Hats and cosmetic items, each being able to even be customized by either paint cans, or Unusual effects, giving them a whole different change.
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However, with any good game in the world, there sadly is a bad side to it.
With Team Fortress 2 becoming so popular and so many new players joining the game to have a bit of fun, older players are quitting the game because of it. Older players just hate it when they see a team full of newbies, because they know that they had little to no experience into the game, making their team lose.

And it's also bugging people too, because newbies always anger the old players by asking questions that anger them, like: "How do you get that fire on your head?", "How do you get a hat?", "How do you get a different weapon?", etc...

But, not only that, apart from the players themselves the game is kind of hated by old players too. They say that the game was much better back in the old days, and that's why it's both a good and bad game
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