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Throne: Kingdom at War
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Simply put, an astonishing game that thrives you to fascination. The game itself is well balanced and enjoyable, so much in fact merely addictive, however, the user is able to navigate around certain aspects of the game at ease. The guided tutorials are helpful and it directs you to complete the objectives, this is perfect for beginner players. Almost every kingdom based game has a main tower hall but in kingdom at war the main town hall is built as the stronghold of your kingdom whereby everything depends on it in order to advance further into the game, so each building relies solely on the town hall for example at level 5 town hall, there can be buildings at level 5. Another feature that delved me into this game was the resources and currency that appear at the very top of the screen, this can be appealing to many new players because it is the main proprietary of advancing.
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The sound effects and music in this game is soothing and somewhat stress relieving as it vibes nicely to the game. An example of this is when you click on certain features in the game it would make a sound relatable to that feature so when clicking the barracks a cheering army sound plays. Other sound effects like horses "neighing" and cows "mooing" are in the background when you build on agricultural grounds, although it is repetitive it can be annoying but there is always a mute button to disable the sound effects.

The graphics are mediocre but they provide a realistic kingdom like attraction, for example, the castle may not be as extraordinary but it suits in the sense that it is relatively old like a stronghold, other buildings are creative and made within a Victorian-era like the houses. Animations are top notch, as the horse riders move along the bridge out of the kingdom, you can see realistic movements of how a horse trots which is good eye candy.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Overall, the game is fairly straightforward and very welcoming for new players to experience a kingdom based game. The only disadvantage of the game is that it can be more useful if there was a feature to disable certain sounds that could be annoying in the game, for example, the repetitive cow noises that are made in the background. Other than that I believe this game has an easy play style where you can visualise all aspects of the game at your interface and won't have many struggles to locate what you are looking for. The game has a nice feature of boosting the studies, buildings, and artillery by using gold currency however gold can be obtained through completing quests and also purchasing with real money. The tutorial was perfect for new players and could not have been improved further although a bit of animation would be nice.
5.0 (1)
Author Edsnowey
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