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How to ace at Soulcaliber

Soulcalibur, the action themed game on, is indeed a joy to play! The gameplay is mesmerising with a gripping storyline. The graphics are pretty amazing along with an equally good SFX that makes the game even more exciting to play! The game requires you to register initially (which virtually takes no time!!). Once completed and the account has been verified, you are good to go!!

One can choose from various online servers available for the game as per their wish. The developers themselves recommend a server for best experience but one can choose any server from the list provided on the website. The games requires Adobe Flash Player to play, so make sure you have the latest version or you can even download it using the link provided by the site. The game loads in just a few seconds and the awesomeness begins!!!

The player can choose from a range of characters in the beginning of the game to be their Hero. Throughout the game you would need to fight Vampires, trolls, Barbarians and other mythical creatures! How exciting, isn't it?
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The game involves the main Hero to venture out on various quests upon completion of which you receive various in-game rewards as well as the all important Xp, which is extremely important in order to level up. This leads to the Hero meeting various other characters in the game who give various tasks that the hero must complete with the help of other online players/friends/ or even on their own. The rewards can be used for power ups or to replenish the Hero's health.

Upon reaching level 35 in the game, one can change their character nickname from the auto-generated one.
But remember, this must be done before reaching Level 60 or you would be unable to do so after that!! There are various other power-ups that can be equipped during the course of the game upon reaching a particular level like riding a horse, a helpful heroine, fashion, etc.

The game has a map which helps in finding the way for the completion of quests and to unlock even more quests. The short key for this is M. You can quickly reach from one location to another using this map feature.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
One can ride a horse to various locations which helps save a lot of time by increasing the hero's travel speed. With each subsequent quest completion, the task at hand becomes harder and harder! But no need to be afraid, as with the level increase, the power-ups increase too! Leveling up after reaching higher levels can take a lot of time but the Xp gained for defeating high level enemies also increases with each subsequent level up.

Now, the best and the most effective way of leveling up in the game is by utilising the auto-pathfinding and auto-battling feature present in the game. So sit down, relax and let the system do all the hard work while you sip on that hot cuppa tea in peace!! This helps you in completing the game quests on in no time making you gain some much needed bananas and exp. which improves your character and helps to level up on the site! The short key for this is A.

With that said, I hope that you enjoy the game as much as I have (Have already added it to my favourites as well as given a 5 star rating!) and that you found this article useful! Cheers!
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