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Vikings: War of Clans
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Vikings war of clans: for me is yes

Vikings: War Of Clans is a browser strategy game in Italian developed by Plarium, a game that aims to manage a village of Vikings in the role of a Jarl.

The tutorial will help us understand the basics of gameplay, show us how to build the first buildings and train army troops. To collect the resources necessary for the development of the village we will need farms, sawmills, quarries and mines, indispensable for the production and collection of food, iron, stone and silver. The Palace is the home of the Jarl and therefore represents the main building, but equally important are the Sanctuary of Odin and the mysterious Oracle. The latter allows progress in several key areas such as the economy, the art of war, training and espionage, for example by improving the production of resources and the speed at which troops are prepared. Inside the barracks there are multiple units available such as mercenaries, knights, archers, exterminators, stalwarts, valkyries, predators and even siege machines.

Among the most original and interesting buildings of Vikings: War Of Clans we find the home of the Hero, which is the home of a special warrior who will guide the army in battle and will apply valuable statistical bonuses to Viking comrades. This character can be improved and equipped with weapons and special clothing, can also face solitary marches and fighting without the help of other troops. Its appearance can be changed at any time by choosing between various preset avatars, but only the first change is free.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
As in any strategy game, everything has a price in terms of resources and waiting times, whether it's a structural upgrade rather than combat unit training. The only way not to meet expectations is to spend gold coins, which is the premium currency that can be purchased with real money and rarely obtained as a reward. Other limits are represented by the possibility of building / improving one building at a time, just as two types of different troops can not be trained at the same time, regardless of the number of barracks available. The same applies to the marches on the global map; each shipment must be completed before another can be undertaken, even if you have a large army. However, some limits can be overcome by progression in the Oracle and by improving the Odin Shrine.

The Vikings: War Of Clans chart is of high quality, each screen has been carefully crafted and the illustrations of the various fighters are truly compelling and realistic. Even the buildings and natural elements are not far behind, not to mention the picturesque snow-covered scenery that is the background of the village surrounded by mountains and with a single access to the river. To complete the work of art we find some simple but pleasant animations, which give life to the settlement showing the flow of water and the Vikings who work, celebrate and train near the barracks. Too bad that you can not watch the fights and that zooming with the mouse wheel there is a noticeable decline in texture detail.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
At the gameplay level, we will spend a lot of time building and upgrading buildings, funding research at the Oracle and training new units to raise the army. By doing so we will complete a flood of goals and we will get rewards in terms of resources and experience, level the hero and unlock access to increasingly powerful troops, advanced facilities and new areas of research. After doing a little practice against neutral villages we can finally engage in PvP battles and raid the possessions of other players, taking into account that the greater the distances to be traveled the greater the time required to complete the war expedition. There is also the possibility of allying with other Jarls, founding a clan or joining an already existing and consolidated group.

Although in a few minutes we will meet with dozens of buildings built, the progress of the village will not be so quick. Soon we will have several barracks, quarries, sawmills and other facilities, as well as upgrades up to the third level will most often be free of charge. The impression will then be to make a lot of progress in a few minutes, completing many goals and receiving as rewards more currency and resources than you can use. However, the village level will increase very slowly and will require patience and dedication to access advanced features.
Vikings: War Of Clans is an interesting strategy browser game in Italian, a game with gameplay already seen but no less fun and stimulating than the competition. The quality graphic sector helps to make the Viking themes of the title fascinating, thanks to the excellent illustrations depicting the combat units and the evocative scenery surrounding the village. Complete the offer a nice soundtrack and suitable for the context.
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